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In Beatrice’s house, Shane and Taduesz were doing their best to keep order while Ophelia, Bertha and Frieda hastily helped Beth and Terrence pack their things.

“Remember, only pack what you need!” Shane ordered “Where are the weapons mom had?!”

“They’re under her bed just like I said!” Beth replied from the bedroom.

“Bring them along!” Shane barked.

There was a thudding noise and Taduesz and Shane looked to see Bertha helping Kamilla up off the floor as Ophelia walked into the room wearing a grey otter coat and with a knapsack round her right shoulder.

“Kamilla, you’re leg still isn’t well enough to walk!” she said.

“But I can walk!” Kamilla insisted.

“I don’t doubt you can!” Ophelia replied “But for health reasons you can’t walk on that leg until at least tomorrow!”

“She’s right!” Taduesz said as he made sure he had his weapons “Bertha, help her down to the boat!”

Alright, then!” Bertha responded.

As she led Kamilla down towards the basement, Terrence then walked up Taduesz wearing a dark blue coat and an aqua scarf which Beatrice had hand-knitted herself for his last birthday.

“We can’t leave without mum!” he demanded.

“Listen, kid, if you stay here you’re brother and sister will die.” Taduesz replied “Is that what you’re mother would want?”

“Terrence…” Ophelia said as she approached the two “Why don’t you help me pack some food?”

Terrence sighed and followed after Ophelia while everyone else resumed their duties. Noting his concern over his mother, Ophelia then placed her left arm on Terrence’s right shoulder when they got to the kitchen and started packing rations and food, much to his surprise.

“Don’t worry.” Ophelia said softly “I’m sure you’re mothers alright.”


Not long after all the guards had left their bows and arrows and various weapons, Beatrice had started slamming into the prison door and the window bars. She did it at least three times and was starting to feel sore. She slammed against the prison door a fourth and final time but the only thing she succeeded in was hurting her right arm. She exclaimed in pain as she stepped back into the center of the room with all the commotion outside making her even more anxious.

“Damn it!” she snarled in irritation.

She then glanced towards the prison cot and took notice of the sheets. They were quite long and wide (about half the size of the bed). She then looked towards the prison bars. If they had enough between them to fit her arm then they could undoubtedly fit a rope of some kind. A rope made out of the bed sheets.  

Suddenly, some people outside started frantically shouting and she looked out the prison window just as Smaug passed over-head, his shadow covering over half the block. He passed by so fast he blew the snow off the rooftops even with all the extra snow falling from the sky. Beatrice wasted no time in hurrying over to the bed and yanking the sheets off. If she was going to act, she had to due to it now.


In Beatrice’s basement, Kamilla and Bertha waited quietly in the back of the boat while the neighbors had already cast off and were well on they’re way out of town or were running around looking for help. The falling snow added an almost surreal beauty to the scene despite the looming presence of a fire-breathing dragon. Just then Taduesz, Ophelia, Frieda, Shane, Beth and Terrence emerged from upstairs and started throwing bags into the boat, the first being Beth placing the weapons onto the boat at Bertha and Kamilla’s feet. As the rest started loading, Shane hopped into the boat, flopping two bags (which held clothes) onto the boat and then looking towards Frieda who’d just placed another sack onto the boat.

“Come on, hurry!” Taduesz demanded.

“That’s the last of them!” Ophelia said as she flopped a knapsack onto the boat.

“Okay, let’s go!” Taduesz ordered as he climbed into the boat.

“Give me your hand!” Shane asked Frieda with his hand outreached.

Frieda took his hand without hesitance and gently walked onto the boat but didn’t notice that she was blushing as she sat down with Shane while Beth, Ophelia and Terrence clambered onto the boat. Shane then let go of Frieda’s grasp as he took an oar and Ophelia another and they pushed against the dock, with the boat drifting away from the house and onto the watery street. They then began rowing with Bertha grabbing a third oar which had been tied to the back of the boat to act as a rudder and she gently steered the boat while Taduesz looked on ahead to make sure they didn’t anyone.

It was then that Smaug soared past the street and everyone screamed while everyone in the boat just stared in frightened awe, not knowing what Smaug had in store.


Turns out that sweep Smaug had done over the street was his last phony swoop as he did a dizzying aerobatic maneuver and soon closed in on a section of town nearby the boardwalk which led to the other side. In fact, he was heading for the center of town. He dive bombed towards the water as his chest lit up brighter than it had before and he righted himself just fifteen feet above the water with the tips of his wings skimming the water’s surface. He then got slightly more airborne, took a deep breath and just seconds before he’d pass over the buildings, he roared and unleashed a tornado of fire onto the town. His fire practically melted the snow falling around him, blew the roofs open on buildings or incinerated them and anyone unfortunate enough to be left inside. The cold, damp wooden caught fire like it was doused in oil.

People screamed and shouted in horror and if they were on the bridges or boardwalks ran for cover as the fire consumed anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. Smaug then passed over the center of town, leaving a burning wreckage behind him as he did a six-g turn and targeted a nearby section of town.


The fire billowed around the marketplace with debris falling off buildings along dead bodies or living people who were practically burning alive. There were even boats in the river avenues that had been set on fire and if any of them had people in them, they were most likely already dead.

Buildings burned faster than clothing or people, with the embers from the fire flowing through the air with the snow. Since the buildings were so close together, the chance of a neighboring building catching fire was inevitable. Clothes accidently left out to hang only fueled the fire. People on the boardwalks and walkways hurried round town trying to get away from the inferno as quickly as possible as the smoke and embers billowed higher into the sky. Beatrice’s troops were spread out over town and fighting valiantly. Every time Smaug made a pass, they fired their arrows at him, even if they proved to no avail. But this helped buy time for people to leave the town or make for the boardwalk land-bridge which hadn’t been burned down yet.

Smaug approached another street which happened to be unsigned and launched another wave of fire onto the avenue. In fact, Taduesz, the girls and Beatrice’s children had just turned onto another street when the fire whooshed past just twenty-six feet behind them. Taduesz looked back towards the fire as it turned into smoke, with his face going pale. He’d never seen fire of this magnitude in his life or this kind of devastation. All of this because a group of dwarf women entered a mountain.

In another part of town, Julie, Amanda, Susan, Bernadette, Edwin and June were stuck in their great gilded boat with Bernadette, Susan and Edwin rowing like mad while the gold was near the front of the boat in a man-sized pile. Everyone the street was doing their best to put out the fire around them while some people desperately tried to escape.

“Come on! Come on!” Julie ordered loudly “Faster! Faster! Don’t you know the meaning of haste?!”

“It’s coming back around!” a man screamed.

Sure enough, Smaug swooped in and unleashed his fire onto the buildings around the river, causing mini-explosions inside them. The fire barely missed the great gilded boat when, in a shocking act of heroism, grabbed Amanda and wrapped her in her arms and coat in an attempt to be a human shield as the fire passed by, causing the building behind to explode and hurl an innocent couple trying to get off their balcony to their deaths. Julie shot her head up as Amanda moved away from her mother’s grasp.

“Oh, bother dragons and everything having to do with them!” Amanda barked.

“I’m with you there!” Julie responded “If only we could take more of these poor people with us! But they’re hardly-”

“Worth it!” Amanda interjected “I quite agree!”

Suddenly, she felt something grab her right leg and her eyes darted towards her leg to see a young, dark-haired girl who looked about Amanda’s age and was grasping onto Amanda’s leg with blood dripping from a nasty cut on her face.

“Help me, please!” she all but screamed with tears in her eyes.

In any other scenario, Amanda would have helped her but upon seeing the blood on the girl’s face she felt absolutely nauseated with her face briefly going pale as she then kicked the girl away into the water and stepped back towards her mother while she ruffled her coat as she wrapped her arms around herself. The girl, meanwhile, was helped onto shore by her father who had been searching earnestly for her.

“Why on earth did you do that?!” Bernadette demanded in her thick accent “We could have helped her!”

“Shut up and focus on rowing!” Julie barked “We can’t save everyone!”

“That doesn’t mean we don’t stop and help!” Bernadette argued.

“Good heavens!” Julie snarled rolling her eyes “If you-”

They’re conversation was briefly interrupted by an explosion far behind them which almost knocked Julie into the gold pile but she managed to keep her balance and then glared back at Bernadette.

“If you value your job or your kid you will not stop rowing!” Julie yelled “That is an order!”

“Look out!” cried out a voice.

Before Julie and Amanda could see who on earth was yelling at them they were nearly knocked down by the collision with another boat. That other, smaller boat turned out to be the boat that had Bertha, Ophelia, Frieda, Kamilla, Shane, Beth, Terrence and Taduesz in it. When the two boats knocked together, everyone in the smaller boat lurched forward due to the impact. Also, some of Julie’s gold started falling into the water and sinking faster than a piece of armor. At first, however, Julie and Amanda didn’t take notice while Taduesz and the others just looked in dumbfounded bafflement as the great gilded boat passed them by.

“Watch where you’re going, damn it!” Julie said “Come on, row faster!”

“Mama, look!” Amanda cried out.

It was then that Julie finally noticed that the gold was slipping off the boat and into the water. All her wealth down the drain. Or lake as it were.

“My gold!” she cried out waving her hands up and down “My gold!”

“We’re carrying too much weight!” Amanda piped up “We need to dump something!”

“Quite right!” Julie responded “Bernadette, any ideas?!”

Bernadette hesitated to answer for a moment. She stopped rowing then looked to her left to see the burning town she called home, it’s fire and smoke blazing and billowing ever higher as the falling snow from the sky added an eerie surreal-ness to it all. She then turned and looked to her husband and daughter who were right in front of her along with Susan. Her daughter looked at her with extreme worry which made her feel even worse. She thought back to just that morning, to when the dwarves came to them for help but they had to turn them away.

“Are you just going to let her bully you like that?!” one of them had said.

She looked then to Julie and Amanda who were looking very cross. Maybe the dwarf was right. This wasn’t servitude. Or at least how she pictured it. It felt more like slavery. And it seemed her friends agreed with her.

“You know, my lady…” she finally said “…we do have something to dump over.”

And then before Julie and Amanda could do anything about it, they were thrown over the side of the boat into the freezing water, clothes and everything, while Bernadette and the others then began hastily unloading the gold and jewels as a further act of defiance while their employers just watched in angered shock.
“I know you’re here, underling.” Smaug said as he walked down the hall past Brianna. “I can smell you.”

Brianna did her best to stay quiet as sweat slid down her face while she resisted the urge to put the ring on. She knew she’d be seriously screwed if she put it on because Smaug had smelled it when she had it on in the treasure room. But Smaug then did something unexpected. He stopped and smelled the air again.

“Wait a minute….you have another scent.” he said before he stopped for a few seconds as it clicked in his brain “The scent of lake water and fish! You have come from Lake-town!” he went on as his tongue flicked out like a snake’s “Of course! This is some scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable lake-men! Those sniveling cowards with their longbows and black arrows! If they think they can steal my-”

Then Smaug stopped himself as an idea came into his head. It was worthless to try and stop these dwarves and whatever the hell this burglar was. But then there was Lake-town. Everything was made of wood. Highly flammable wood. All they had where insignificant bows and arrows, fishing nets and boats. They were on a lake anyway. Where could they go? Nowhere. Not from his fire. He’d destroyed Dale so long ago and that had buildings made of stone. Yet now it was a mere shadow of it’s former self. Desolate and covered with snow. A sadistic smile came across Smaug’s face as he went through the plan in his head.

“You know, it’s been a while since I’ve flown around the land. I need to stretch my wings.” he finally said “Besides, I think it is time I paid them a visit.”

Brianna gasped in horror at the implications of what Smaug was planning to do. Without thinking, she stepped out from her hiding place as Smaug ventured further down the hall.

“This isn’t their fault!” she called out “Wait! You cannot go to Lake-town!”

Smaug stopped walking and then turned his head towards Brianna, his eyes glowing eerily like they were on fire themselves.

“You care about them, do you?” he snarled as he moved his head and neck towards Brianna who began backing away “Good. Then you can watch them die.”

Brianna stood in total fear and shock as Smaug turned away from her and began making his way down the hall to his right which led to the main entrance of Erebor.

“Hey!” yelled a voice “Over here, you bastard!”

Smaug whipped his head round to look behind him and there, just across the hall behind him (the left hall where the girls had ran specifically) sitting on a ledge was Traude, looking determined with a large hand-held firework propped up next to her feet. The other girls stood to her right as well, with Beate, Gerlinde, Barbara and Ottilie armed with bows and arrows with flash-flame bombs attached the arrows and with Dorothea, Nadja, Bridget and Daniela manning their own rockets. Smaug growled as he began turning his body towards his foes.

“You.” he hissed.

“Yeah…me!” Traude replied “And I’m taking back what you stole!”

Smaug then began walking towards her, his footsteps causing a faint rumble. He then did something unexpected. He started…chuckling. A disturbing, raspy laugh.

“You will take nothing from me, dwarf.” he chuckled “I laid low your warriors of old. I wiped whole cities off the face of the earth. I instilled terror in the hearts of men.” he paused a moment as he then began looking rather angry “I am king under the mountain.”

“This is not your kingdom, serpent!” Traude responded as she pulled out a match “This is a dwarf kingdom! This is dwarf gold! And we will have our revenge!”

She then yelled out something in dwarfish, igniting the match and igniting the rocket fuse. As she did so, the rest of girls lit their own matches and ignited the fuses to the rockets and flash bombs. Beate, Gerlinde, Barbara and Ottilie then launched their arrows seconds before the rockets blasted towards the cave roof with a loud fwooosh noise. To Smaug’s astonishment, they hit the roof and with a deafening series of explosions caused the entire wall to shake as if the whole mountain would collapse in on itself and start crumbling downwards. Smaug looked absolutely flummoxed and quickly began lighting up his chest as he stared at the girls who immediately ran for cover. But it proved too little too late as before Smaug could breathe his fire the rocks slammed onto him, knocking him to the ground. He tried to get back up but more debris and rock fell on top of him and soon in a massive cloud of dust and an avalanche of rock, Smaug was completely buried in stone, rock and granite. The dust swirled past Brianna who was safely hidden behind a pillar and she coughed heavily as some of the dust went into her throat.

But soon a deathly silence fell upon the hall as the dust subsided revealing a massive pile of rocks that was just a mere six feet from being the height of the ledge the girls had been on. It covered half of the hallway and ended where Brianna was hiding which was at the hallway’s center. The girls emerged from their hiding place (which was a nearby tunnel entrance) and out onto the ledge, looking on at the great pile of stone and rock.

“We did it!”  Ottilie laughed.

Everyone else, however, stayed silent. It had proved easier then they expected. In fact…it was too easy. Dragons had never been known to go down easy, especially when they were the size of Smaug. The silence didn’t help the situation either. There then was a faint crumbling sound as they looked down at the rock pile and noticed some of it had started to move. Now even Ottilie was overcome with concern. Brianna, meanwhile, peeked from behind the pillar where she was and saw  a faint glow emanating from the edge of the pile. That could only mean one thing and one thing only.

Without warning and with an explosion of fire and rock that was thrown forward like pebbles Smaug burst out of the mound of rock, roaring as he did so with the pile collapsing in on itself as he stumbled forward, snarling in anger. His self-control was gone now and he was now angrier then ever before with his rage passing description. He coughed two hacking coughs which caused some blood to spurt from his mouth. He had lost at least five of his teeth and the blood was from his gums. His skin was barely affected by the rocks save for a bruise here or there, with it being covered in dirt and dust. He whipped his head around to look towards the girls who looked on in dumbfounded horror, with Smaug’s eyes looking like that of a killer.

“REVENGE?!! YOU CALL THAT REVENGE??!!” he roared so loudly that he knocked the girls to their feet “I WILL SHOW YOU REVENGE, YOU DWARFVISH HARLOT!!!”

He roared in rage as he turned and ambled towards the entrance to Erebor. The girls could sit and watch in pure shock as he soon reached the door and breathed a gigantic wave of fire against the entrance and with an explosion of fire, stone, dust and snow Smaug emerged from his hiding place of sixty years and propelled himself into the sky. It proved difficult for him as he was understandably massive and snow was covering the ground from the heavy snowfall which had begun about two hours ago. But he managed to propel himself into the air, with him doing an aerial spin as the snow swirled around him as he straightened his flight path, spread his wings and started heading to Lake-town. He felt proud of himself. Those foolish dwarves thought they could kill him. But he proved them wrong. And now there was Lake-town. To him, Lake-town and it’s people were like ants that could easily be swept away and forgotten. As he soared over the ruined Dale and the flat, snow-covered landscape around the mountain, his shadow blocked out the moon as he increased his speed. As he did this, he couldn’t help but gloat to himself.

“I am fire..” he said with a sadistic grin on his face “…I am death!”


During all of this, the tremor from the cave collapse reached Lake-town, causing even the most stable buildings to shake and rattle from the impact. People were now looking out of their windows and heading into the street, turning their gaze to their mountain. They began talking amongst themselves on what was going on. Some suspected an earthquake or maybe the mountain was collapsing in on itself. But then the sinister glow of Smaug’s fire appeared in the distance and then it didn’t take long for people to figure out what happened and what was coming. People started panicking one by one and hurried to their houses as soon as possible.

But back at Beatrice’s house, things were noticeably calmer. Everyone inside was concerned after the tremor but it wasn’t the kafuffle outside that tipped them off (since they had both house doors closed). It was something else. Just as Beth opened the kitchen window see what was going on, a faint ringing sound began.

“What on earth is that?” Taduesz asked.

“Oh that? It’s the warning bell.” Beth replied “It’s rung in the bell tower when…”

It then quickly dawned on Beth what was going on and her face turned as white as the snow falling just outside. She ran towards the door to everyone’s surprise at lightning speed, hastility opened it and stumbled onto the front porch. She looked around her and saw hundreds of people leaving their homes, loading precious belongings onto boats along with loved ones. People ran up and down the streets, hurrying to grab whatever they could. Some men who appeared to be guards hurried over to the direction of the barracks further downton. The warning bell in the bell tower a few blocks down the street rang louder and louder with each clank and clink. Beth then looked to the mountain and noticed the fiery, yellowish-red glow from the entrance of Erebor far in the distance.

“The dragon…”  she said to herself in terror.


“I warned you! Did I not warn you what would come of dealing with dwarves?!” Amanda yelled from upstairs.

“Yes, ma’am!”  Susan proclaimed as she grabbed Basil’s cage with Basil squawking loudly.

“I knew it! Deep down in my gut! I should have thrown them in jail!” Julie barked as she wrapped her scarf around her neck “Now they’ve done it! They’ve woken the dragon! They’ve brought an apocalypse upon our heads!”

Julie, Amanda and Susan were doing their best to evacuate though Julie was being very excessive. Being the master of the town she was very rich and had an entire closet used for keeping her gold safe. Gold she had gotten over the years as master of the town and trading with the occasional traveler. But Instead of grabbing the nessicary things like food or clothing, she insisted that the gold be brought on the family boat first. Amanda came running down the stairs in a beautiful white bear skin coat and hat with a napsack wrapped round her left shoulder.

“Do you have your extra clothes?!” Julie asked with worry.

“Yes, mama!”  Amanda said hastily.

Just then Edwin walked wearing a dark brown coat and hat with his wife Bernadette in tow with their daughter June in her arms clutching a small, stuffed bear doll.

“Mommy, what’s going on?”  she asked innocently.

“It’s alright, sweetheart!” Bernadette replied softly “We’re just going on a little trip with daddy and mommy, okay?”

“Hurry! We must move quickly!” Edwin ordered as he swung the basement door open.

He and Bernadette clambered down the five foot high staircase into the basement. It had a plain, wooden floor but at it’s center was a twenty-five foot wide and thirty foot long pool of water leading all the way to a gate nearby at the end of the room. At it’s center was a twenty foot long and thirteen foot wide boat with two rows of oars (four in total). This was the family boat or “the great gilded boat” as Julie called it. No sooner had Bernadette, Edwin and June clambered onto the boat then down came Susan and Amanda carrying five chests of gold while Julie stood upstairs shouting orders.

“Come on, hurry!” she all but yelled “Faster now, we’re trying to evacuate ourselves here!”

Amanda clambered upstairs having put down her napsack while Bernadette and Susan put down the chests into the boat and soon Amanda was stuffing books into another bag she’d left on a chair.

“Quickly, Amanda!” Julie ordered “Take as much as you can!”

“But, my lady!” Bernadette barked suddenly as Susan went upstairs to get more of the gold “Should we not try and save the town?!”

“Have you issued your guards to defend it?!” Julie demanded.

“Yes, my lady!” Bernadette replied “But I think-”

“Then let them defend it and buy us some time!” Julie said cutting Bernadette off “The town is lost anyway! Save the gold!”

“But the townspeople!” Bernadette insisted.

“Bernadette, you have your orders and you will obey them!” Julie bellowed as Amanda came down the stairs followed by Susan carrying more gold “Now do as I say and help us load our stuff!”

“You heard her!” Amanda snarled as she got into the boat “Do as she says!”

Bernadette sighed with annoyance. She hated having a boss like Julie. And felt even worse having to leave her men behind to defend the town. It was looking like a lost cause. Before getting out of the boat, she whipped her head around to look at her daughter who was sitting on Edwin’s lap and still clutching her doll.

“You stay here with daddy, okay?” Bernadette asked.

“Okay.” June replied nodding.

Bernadette then gave her daughter a quick kiss on the forehead afterwhich she breifly ruffled her hair then she got out of the boat and ran upstairs to help.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 64
FINALLY! A new chapter! And a rather long one at that...
Today marks the third year in a row for me here on deviantart and also on FiMFiction! And I would like to thank all my friends and followers for liking my stuff and being so supportive. I am truly blessed by God to have such great commentors. :). May God bless you and may you have a happy new year! 
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