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Traude ran through the passageway Brianna had gone through, with her sword in her right hand and soon ended up at the entrance of the treasure room. She stopped right at the ledge and gazed at the ocean of gold before her in nostalgic amazement. It had been so long since she’d been in this room but she cherished that minute and a half of silence as she remembered her childhood, playing hide and seek with Dis and Frerin in the treasury or watching her father and grandfather talk amongst the gold.

The last time she’d been here, she’d managed to pull her grandfather away from Smaug who was thrashing wildly, roaring and breathing fire as he scattered the gold all over the room and the Arkenstone fell into the gold and disappeared. Her grandfather had tried to go back to grab it but her and Frerin pulled him back and escaped. Now, years later, there was just silence and…footsteps from her right?

She turned to her right to see Brianna clambering up the stairs, having escaped Smaug through the tunnel (which exited out on a hidden side of the platform) and panting with exhaustion as she reached Traude.

“You’re alive!” Traude laughed.

“Not for much longer!” Brianna replied as she reached the top of the staircase “The dragons coming! We have to hide!”

“But the Arkenstone!” Traude barked as she blocked the escape route into the main tunnel.

Brianna stopped just a few feet from Traude and looked at her in surprise.

“Did you find it?” Traude asked sternly.

There was a moment of silence between the two as Brianna thought up an answer. She looked closely at Traude, who hadn’t torn her gaze from her but could see that there was something off about the way Traude was looking at her. It didn’t feel right at all. And that, along with her near-death experience earlier made her decide it was best to wait until they were safe to show her the stone.  

“Traude, we don’t have time for this.” she said as she walked towards the entrance.

Suddenly, Traude stuck out her sword and blocked Brianna’s path as she stopped just inches away from the sword. Brianna backed away as Traude pointed the sword at her till she was dangerously close to the ledge.

“T-Traude?” she asked.

Traude didn’t answer. She instead stared at Brianna with her headed tilted down and angrily looking up at her beneath her eyebrows, with her sword pointed at Brianna’s chest.

“I didn’t say you could leave.” she snarled “Get back there and find it.”

“I can’t.” Brianna begged as she turned to her right “Traude, I-”

Brianna suddenly froze and her face began turning as white as her gown. Traude at first didn’t understand why but then she heard the rumbling. She turned slowly as the sound got louder and then it was her turn to freeze up. Smaug himself appeared, having tracked Brianna’s scent. But when he caught sight of Traude he snarled in anger and looked directly at her with hatred in his eyes. He then began slithering towards where they were as Traude happened to glance to her lower left and saw another escape route via a second tunnel near the second staircase.

At that moment, the rest of the girls emerged from behind Traude and surrounded her and Brianna with their weapons drawn and at the ready. Smaug decided enough was enough and with a load, booming roar he began running towards them as his chest began glowing as his fire started building inside him.

“YOU WILL BURN!!!” he roared.

“Girls! On your left!” Traude ordered “Down there! Hurry!”

The girls didn’t need to be told twice as they scrambled towards the passageway and slid down on the gold just as Smaug unleashed his wave of fire with it just barely missing them all. The moment they hit the entrance, they did their best to get up and run inside while Smaug roared in defiance as he lifted up his head towards the wall unleashed another wave of fire as he was bathed in flame.

Everyone was almost at the end of the tunnel but the fire actually seemed to follow them as they ran. Bridget who was in the back looked at the oncoming flame and then to her cousin Beate who was looking absolutely terrified. Without warning, near the exit she shoved Beate forward and Beate tripped on her own feet and tumbled into a room where the girls were. They all backed away to the side of the exit just as some smoke billowed in and the force of the explosion sent Bridget rolling into the room and slamming into a table.

The smoke dissipated as everyone cough it out and regained themselves. They were in a small room with a single wooden table and with some shelves built into the wall which were empty and covered with dust and rock. Beate quickly looked to Bridget who was sitting up, leaning against the table leg she’d hit and groaning as she clenched her right arm.

“Oh my goodness!” Beate said as she rushed to Bridget along with Dorothea.

“Can you move your arm?” Dorothea asked as she looked at the arm.

Bridget did move her arm but she winced and clenched it again. It was clear to Dorothea what happened and it was nothing to severe.

“It’s not broken.” she said calmly “But I think you took a rather nasty tumble into the table.”

“Gee, you think?” Bridget laughed.

“Girls!” Traude called out.

As everyone stood up, they looked to Traude who lit up a flare she’d gotten from one of the bags and her face glowed red from the flare light.

“Come on!” she ordered “We have to find a way out!”

The girls quickly snatched their bags and followed after Traude into the passageway out while Bridget leaned on Beate and Dorothea. All the while, Smaug was beyond enraged and saw the cracks which provided the few sources of light in this cavern. He then began viciously clawing the wall cracks, sending rock tumbling down to the floor below before he slithered into the mountain itself. He was going to find those dwarves by any means, even if it meant collapsing the mountain itself.


In Beatrice’s house, Shane made sure all the lanterns and lights inside were lit so the operation could begin. Ophelia, Frieda and Bertha gently lifted Kamilla off the floor and placed her on the table like a sack of flour. They stood at her side, with Frieda at her left and Ophelia and Bertha at her right, with Bertha holding a candle. Kamilla’s breathing was just as shallow as before and it sounded like her lungs were having the air sucked out of them with every labored breath. Beth peeked out the door to make sure no one was coming while Shane stood and watched the scene play out. Taduesz had taken the Kingsfoil and was grinding it into powder in a bowl Terrence was holding up. He then took the bowl and moved to the table to Kamilla’s right side.

“What’ll we do?” Bertha inquired.

“Just do what you’re doing now.” Taduesz said “This may sting a little so you must hold her down.”

He then glanced down to Kamilla’s right leg where the wound was but then blinked in surprise. He hadn’t been able to get a good look at the wound but now he could see that not only had the arrow caused possible infection but also it went deeper then he thought. Some small pints of blood dripped from the wound and it seemed to turn dark purple.

“Did you clean this wound?” Taduesz asked Ophelia as fear overtook him.

“Yes I did.” Ophelia replied “I made sure to do so.”

“It’s a good thing you did.” Taduesz said “The barb tore the muscle from the bone.”

“Y-Yes, I can see that.” Bertha stammered as she caught sight of the wound “I-I-Is it supposed to look like that? With the blood dripping out?”

“That means the poisons turned the flesh rancid.” Taduesz said as he placed the bowl behind him and took the Kingsfoil out “We need to do this now.”

He then began rubbing the Kingsfoil in his hands like soap but this time it was relatively easier due to it being already being pretty grounded. He looked down at Kamilla’s wound, closed his eyes and sighed rather loudly.

“Whatever grace has been given to me, let it pass to her.” he said in Elvish as he placed the Kingsfoil on the wound “Please, let her be spared.”

But the second he placed the Kingsfoil on the wound, Kamilla suddenly groaned loudly in pain and began moving around violently, with her biting her lip in pain. This, combined with the sight of the blood and just how nasty the wound looked, made Bertha lose control of herself and pass out as she fell to the floor. Ophelia and Frieda did their best to restrain Kamilla, but were surprised to see Shane and Terrence arrive on the scene and the four them together managed to keep Kamilla under control as Taduesz kept his eyes shut and repeated his poem over and over again.

Kamilla suddenly began relaxing and her breathing slowly started returning to normal. Taduesz recited the poem two more times as Kamilla’s breathing slowed down and her leaned on Frieda’s shoulder. Taduesz sighed an immense sigh of relief as he opened his eyes and placed his hands on the table, while he was catching his breath and the blood on his hands stained the table. The wound had closed up and was now changing color back to normal. Shane and Terrence stepped back a little bit as Frieda looked to her sister and then to Ophelia.

“Is she alright?” she asked.

Ophelia put her arm forward and felt Kamilla’s pulse. She then suddenly started laughing softly much to every one’s surprise but particularly Frieda’s.

“What’s so funny?” she inquired.

“Oh, bless my scarf!” Ophelia laughed “She’s fast asleep!”

Frieda then inexplicably started laughing too and Shane, Terrence and Beth looked to Taduesz as if these women were crazy. Taduesz just sighed and then chuckled softly as he headed to the bathroom to wash his hands of the blood.  


The girls were now on the second level of Erebor, with the treasury far behind them. They were now on one of many of the great stone bridges that linked the three story tall stone buildings which were built into the mountain wall. Below them was the ground level where the throne room and the gallery of the kings were. But just like the treasure room, a deathly, pervading silence was everywhere. It sent shivers down the girl’s spines, with them grasping their weapons tightly waiting for something to happen.

Now, the girls were hiding near the entrance to a bridge which led into more pathways and rooms. They quietly emerged and stopped just under the doorway. They looked around and Smaug was nowhere in sight.

“We’ve given him the slip.” Ottilie whispered.

“No.” Dorothea replied “He’s far too cunning for that.”

“But then where is he?” Nadja piped up.

Traude sighed. “I don’t know. But stay alert just in case.”

“What’ll we do now?” Brianna asked quietly.

“We’ll head for the eastern wing.” Traude replied “There may be a way out.”

“It’s too far.” Barbara whispered “We’ll never make it without being spotted.”

“Barbara, it’s our chance.” Traude hissed “We have to try.”

She then motioned for the girls to go forward and then, in single file, began crossing the bridge. Sweat dripped down their faces as they tried to remain as quiet as physically possible. Just as they reached the center of the bridge a loud clink sound caused them to freeze in their tracks. They all turned to Brianna who looked down at her feet and saw a gold coin at her feet. But she knew that gold coin wasn’t hers and as she looked up along with everyone else her eyes grew as big as dinner plates.

Above them was the source of the coin…Smaug’s belly. It was one of many coins falling off of Smaug’s belly as he crawled through the pathways just above them. He stretched out his wings grasping onto another bridge, with the dirt and dust from his tunnel borrowing flaking off his body. His foot landed with a thud on the skyway as the girls then began ambling away as quiet as possible. Amazingly, Smaug seemed to ignore them, instead continuing his search through the labyrinth of halls while the girls escaped to safety into the tunnel on the other side of the bridge.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 61
At last the healing scene. The shipping is strong in this chapter. 
Bertha had rounded a corner and was about to cross a bridge when suddenly an orc leapt from the roof and she shrieked in terror as she fell to the ground. The orc swiped his sword at her but she managed to duck as he stumbled forward. Bertha clambered up the bridge but the orc saw her and then raised his sword towards her as she turned around with her face as white as snow.

When all of a sudden an arrow flew from out of nowhere and hit the orc right in the heart. The orc didn’t even drop it’s sword for it was killed instantly and fell backwards onto the boardwalk. Bertha sighed with relief and turned to see who her rescuer was only to see nothing but an empty rooftop.


Back at the house, the girls and Beatrice’s children were busy fending off the orcs in the house but it proved hard, especially when they tried to defend Kamilla who was too ill and exhausted to do much of anything. But as with Bertha, help came from an unexpected source.

Just as an orc leapt onto the wooden railings of the front porch, Taduesz emerged and stabbed the orc in the throat, pushing it over the edge as he did so. He and Lechsinka had spent much of yesterday and that morning crossing all the way to town which proved difficult then they thought since they didn’t have a boat. But when they got to town, they spotted the orcs and followed them to Beatrice’s house, with Lechsinka saving Bertha along the way.

Taduesz drew out his second knife and then ran inside the house, stabbing and orc in the back of it’s skull then whirled around and slit it’s throat for good measure. He then turned and slashed another oncoming orc before it could strike, with black blood splattering unto his uniform. Lechsinka then fell through the roof onto the table and joined the fight making quick work of a rather tall orc.

Mudclaw, who had an axe with him at the moment, attempted to attack Taduesz but Taduesz grabbed Mudclaw and threw him against the window, knocking Mudclaw out of the fight.

It was then that Kamilla finally woke up but as she opened her eyes she thought she was hallucinating. That quickly was debunked when an orc with a bizarre haircut armed with a knife leapt onto the bottom of the bed just inches away from Kamilla. Kamilla screamed in terror as the orc raised his knife, but her scream caught Taduesz’s attention and he threw his knife at the orc with it impacting the orc on the back of the neck, with the orcs lifeless body flopping onto the floor with the knife falling at Kamilla’s feet on the bed. Kamilla looked at Taduesz in wonder as he returned to dispatching his attackers.

Lechsinka meanwhile faced off against two orcs whom she knocked onto the wall and were now coming at her. But she drew out her knives like lightning and stabbed the orcs under the chin so that the blades actually came out through their skulls. When the orcs fell over dead the knives naturally slipped out just as Fimbul came in with a two-handled spear and managed to gash Lechsinka on her left thigh. Lechsinka ignored the pain and blocked the spear and kicked Fimbul into the wall.

Across the room, Taduesz was finishing off an orc right next to the bed when Mudclaw of all things re-entered the fight with his eyebrow gashed and black orc blood dripping from it as he swung his axe at Taduesz. Taduesz attempted to block it but Mudclaw threw him to the ground much to Taduesz’s own surprise. Mudclaw smiled sadistically as he walked towards the edge of the bed where Taduesz was, with his axe raised.

Then all of a sudden, Kamilla grabbed the knife next to her and then stabbed Mudclaw right in the skull. Mudclaw died immediately with the knife embedded in his skull but when he fell over he dragged Kamilla with him and they flopped onto the floor with Kamilla passing out as she hit the floor. Taduesz blinked in surprise at this. It seemed Kamilla had now returned the favor of saving her life all the way back in Mirkwood and now she’d saved his.

During all of this, Fimbul had decided he’d had enough and ran out to the back porch where she jumped down from the railings and landed onto a boat just as Bolg approached on the boardwalk to see what all the fuss was about.

“What is going on here?!” Bolg roared.

“Oakenshield is gone!” Fimbul replied “Two Elves followed us!”

“Damn it!” Bolg angrily said “Fall back! Regroup at the bridge!”

The orcs began making a run for it while Fimbul just happened to look up as another orc with blue hair and beak-like nose named Frizzle was kicked off the balcony by Lechsinka and then landed on the same boat Fimbul was on with such force that Fimbul was catapulted all the way up to the balcony where Lechsinka stabbed him inches under his chin and in such a way that his body lifeless tore off at the neck and hit the water below in an additional pool of black blood while the lifeless head of Fimbul was balanced on the knives for a few moments seconds before Lechsinka tucked them back into her quiver and the head fell into the water with a loud plop.

“Better him then me.” Frizzle muttered to himself as he joined the others in retreating.

Lechsinka glared at the orcs as they ran off when she suddenly felt a nagging pain on her left thigh and winced. It wasn’t a deep cut but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less then if it had been. She chose to ignore it and returned into the house where everyone was emerging from under the table. And it was then that Frieda and Shane noticed they’d been next to each other the whole time.

“Are you alright?” Shane asked softly.

“Yes I am.” Frieda replied.

And in that brief moment, it was as if a spark was ignited from a match. With their faces just inches apart from each other and her hand holding his, the world seemed to slow down temporarily. But then the two of them realized how awkward it was and quickly got to their feet as Lechsinka walked over to Taduesz who was now standing up near the door.

“There are others.” she said “Taduesz, come.”

“Sister!” Frieda cried out suddenly.

Lechsinka turned to see Frieda at her sister’s side while Ophelia arrived on the scene and checked Kamilla’s pulse. Her face suddenly turned into a look of shock much to poor Frieda’s concern.

“Oh no.” Ophelia whispered to herself.

“What?!” Frieda demanded “What’s wrong with her?!”

“She’s going into shock.” Ophelia replied “I don’t think she has much time left.”

“No, no, don’t you say that!” Frieda protested as she grasped her sister’s left hand with both of hers with tears in her eyes “Not my sister, please!”

Lechsinka suddenly felt extreme pity for these dwarf women, much to her own surprise. She couldn’t leave these women and the children of the owner of this house alone with those orcs on the streets, but she had to know where the orcs were going. It was one of the few times in her life she felt genuinely conflicted about something. She glanced to Taduesz who was looking down at Kamilla while Frieda was quietly sobbing, with Kamilla’s dark hair covering some of her face. The look of his face was one similar to that of Ophelia’s at the moment, a strange mix of fear and sadness. It was then that Lechsinka made a decision.

“Taduesz, I’ll go after them alone.” she said “You stay here.”

“What?!” Taduesz barked in surprise.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” Lechsinka replied as she headed out onto the front porch.

“Lechsinka, wait!” Taduesz said grabbing her left arm “You can’t do this!”

“Yes I can, Taduesz! Listen to me!” Lechsinka replied just as she pointed to Kamilla “You told me she needed your help! Well, now she does!”

Taduesz would normally have argued but he briefly looked back to Kamilla, proving Lechsinka’s point. He couldn’t leave this poor woman to die, especially after what had transpired a few moments ago. He then looked back to Lechsinka whose left arm had now slipped out of Taduesz’s grasp.

“Taduesz, stay.” she said softly “I can do this alone.”

And with that, she leapt over the railings and landed on a nearby boat, then leapt onto the boardwalk street and resumed her hunt for the orcs. Taduesz then ran over to Kamilla’s side right next to Frieda while Ophelia looked to Shane, Terrence and Beth who were looking on.

“Beth, go to the door.” she ordered “Make sure none of those orcs come back.”

“I’m on it.” Beth said as she grabbed a knife and headed for the door.

“Okay, Shane, go to your mother’s room.” Ophelia continued “Get those weapons and Terrence, you stay here.”

They did as instructed though with Terrence it was easy as he just sat in a chair and observed the situation. In a few moments, Shane came back with the weapons Beatrice had tried to give the girls yesterday and glanced to his sister who was peeking out the door with a knife in her right hand.

“See anything?” Shane inquired.

“No, not yet.” Beth replied “Wait a minute…I see someone!”

“Is it an orc?!” Terrence asked.

“No!” Beth said “It’s Bertha!”

Everyone sighed with relief. They’d never been more happy to hear Bertha’s name in their lives. Taduesz looked to the door as Bertha entered, the Kingsfoil in her hands. He stood up immediately and walked over to Bertha and took the Kingsfoil out of her hands, much to Bertha’s surprise.

“Athelas.” Taduesz said to himself “Thank goodness.”

“Um…excuse me?” Bertha piped up “What are you doing?”

Taduesz hesitated for a moment, glancing to Kamilla, Ophelia and Frieda, with the latter two looking at him expectantly just before he turned back to Bertha with his confidence slowly returning to him.

“I’m going to save her.” he said.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 60
Chapters a little shorter then I wanted but nonetheless here it is. 
Amazingly, Smaug was still talking to Brianna, hoping to coax her out of hiding. And he had thought up the perfect way to do so and hurt her at the same time.

“You are being used, thief in the shadows.” he said with a sadistic smile across his face “Don’t you see? You were only ever a means to an end. The coward Oakenshield has weighed the value of your life and found it worth nothing.”

The words crushed Brianna and stung more then she thought they would. She just couldn’t believe it. Traude would never do something like that. She was her friend. But deep down she was wondering: was Traude lying to her the whole time? Was she just a way for her to live out a revenge-driven twisted fantasy?

“You’re lying!” Brianna called out from her hiding place “She’d never do that!”

“Don’t play with me, underling.” Smaug gloated “I can sense the doubt in your voice. You’re fond of her.” he briefly stopped as Brianna began quietly creeping towards an escape route “What did she promise you? A share of the treasure? As if it was hers to give? I will not part with a single coin! Not one piece of it!”

He then quickly spotted Brianna as she exited the platform. Having buried his tail right next to where Brianna was running, he drew his tail out of the gold, causing a small wave of gold to be flung in it’s path. It engulfed Brianna and she was sent tumbling forwards onto the floor though some of the gold broke her fall.

“You really think you can stop me?!” Smaug bellowed as he stomped in front of Brianna “My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! My wings are a hurricane!”

As Brianna looked up at Smaug (she was sitting up at the moment), he then lifted his chest up and a shaft of light glistened off some gold pieces which had become stuck between his scales on his chest and belly. All except one area. Near where his heart was, there was a scale missing, exposing the softer flesh underneath.

Brianna then remembered what Beth had said about Girion and how he’d ‘loosened the scale under the left wing.’ It clicked in Brianna’s brain like a light switch.

“So it is true.” she said to herself “The Black Arrow found it’s mark.”

Unfortunately, Smaug heard her for she did say it rather loudly.

“What did you say?!” Smaug demanded.

“Oh crap. Uh…I was just saying how your reputation precedes you…” Brianna lied as she stood up with Smaug leaning his head and body towards her “…Oh Smaug the Tyrannical! You have no equal on this earth!”

Brianna briefly glanced behind her only to see there was nowhere to run since now there was just rock wall fifty feet away from her. She was just about to say something else to distract Smaug when she just happened to turn to her right and there was just fifteen feet away: the Arkenstone. Just within reach. However, Smaug noticed it too.

“I’m almost tempted to let you take it.” Smaug said smiling “If only to see Oakenshield. Watch it destroy her. Watch it corrupt her heart and drive her mad.”

Brianna began to fear not for herself but for Traude. She’d heard about the ‘dragon-sickness’ as the girls called it but she didn’t understand what it was. But from what Smaug was saying, this Arkenstone seemed to have something to do with it. Smaug, meanwhile, backed away slightly but didn’t tear his gaze away from Brianna.

“But I think not. I think our little game ends here.” he said “So tell me, thief, how do you choose to die?”

He then zoomed his head towards her with his mouth wide open displaying his gigantic teeth. But with lightning fast reflexes, Brianna pulled the ring out of her pocket and slipped on her finger. The second she turned invisible she ran towards the Arkenstone, grabbed it and stuffed it into her bag just as Smaug’s jaws clamped shut where she had previously been. Since Smaug couldn’t see her, he decided on a more efficient method.

He backed away a little then raised his head up. As he did so, his chest suddenly began glowing a reddish-orange. It didn’t take long for Brianna to figure out what that was leading up to. She then scrambled to get out of the way when Smaug opened his mouth and an ocean of fire spewed out of his mouth, singeing the very tip of Brianna’s gown.

She fell to the ground as Smaug’s eyes darted everywhere searching for her. Ignoring the burnt cloth at the tip of her gown, she looked to her left and there she saw it: a set of steps and at the top was an entrance to a tunnel. Without hesitation, she ran for the entrance as Smaug breathed another plume of fire behind her. As she entered the tunnel, she leaned against the wall and panted with exhaustion. She took the ring off her finger and became visible, her body and face illuminated by the glow of the fire. She put the ring her pocket and disappeared into the darkness of the tunnel as Smaug roared in anger while throwing loose rocks and stone at the rock wall and severing another pillar then turned round and breathed fire in the same place he had earlier.


Beatrice opened her eyes groggily as she moaned and sat up. He had a bruise on her forehead which hurt when she touched it. But as her vision cleared, she realized she wasn’t in the street. She was in a jail cell. With the exception of the steel bars for the back window and on the door window, the entire cell was all wood like the wooden bridge it was built into and could fit about four to five people. But this wasn’t where Beatrice wanted to be at all.

Bernadette in the meantime was with her husband and the rest of the guards playing poker. It was sort of a ritual of theirs for them to gather round and partake in activity of some time to avoid boredom, for not much happened in town.

Beatrice sighed in irritation as she leaned against the wall sitting up on the cot. Some two days this had been: these dwarves had come into her life, then they’d coaxed Julie into letting them go through with their insane plan, then one of them got sick and now she’d landed herself in jail. But, at the very least, her children were safe.

That was shattered when the rumbling from Smaug’s angered rampage caused the buildings to shake just like what had happened much earlier. And then it was followed by a sudden creaking on the rooftop above her, as if something or someone was on the roof.

Turns out, there was something on the roof.


Bolg and his goons had managed to stay out of sight and be surprisingly stealthy as they crisscrossed the roofs of Lake-town, passing the prison where Beatrice was as they did so. After about a minute of sneaking around, Bolg held up his hand and they stopped in their tracks. He smelled the air, looking for the girls scent. And sure enough it was close by. He then turned his around to look at his minions and then did some sign language to avoid someone over-hearing his voice.

That way. he signed Be quick about it.

They all nodded in approval and headed in the direction of Beatrice’s house (to their far right) while Bolg watched as they headed off, mentally congratulating himself for being so clever.  


Bertha had searched all over town but hadn’t come across any Kingsfoil at all. She was just about to give up when she came across when Hilda Bianca of all people emerged from her home to sit down and have a smoke after dinner. She was perplexed to say the least to see poor Bertha stop right next to her and lean against the wall.

“M-Ma’am…please…” she said between pants “…w-w-where can I find…some Kingsfoil?  It’s an emergency.”

Hilda hesitated to answer for a moment as she took the cigarette in her right hand out of her mouth and puffed out a rather large cloud of smoke. Bertha thought it was strange that a woman so heavily pregnant would be smoking but she chose to ignore it. Hilda then turned to Bertha with the cigarette tucked right between her fingers.

“Right there.” she said tilting her head to her right.

Bertha looked and laughed with joy. Right before her was a pig stall with some fat, black and white pigs. And the pig was munching on some newly picked Kingsfoil. Without even bothering to say thank you, Bertha ran over to the pig and snatched a good amount of Kingsfoil away from the nearest pig.

The pig snorted in mild bemusement while Bertha examined the Kingsfoil carefully and saw that she had more than enough. She then looked down to the pig and smiled.

“That’ll do pig.” she said patting the pig on the head “That’ll do.”

She then turned around began running like lightning back to Beatrice’s house but briefly turned back around and looked back at Hilda.

“Thank you so much!” she exclaimed just before turning around and running off.

Hilda smiled in amusement and then brought the cigarette close to her lips for another puff.


Beth had arrived about thirty minutes prior to the orcs arrival and was helping clean up the kitchen, having already told everyone what happened to Beatrice. Ophelia and Frieda had soup along with Shane, Terrence and Beth. Kamilla was now moaning weakly with her right hand clenching her stomach as if it was tying up into little knots inside her. Shane went outside onto the front porch to dump some water when he suddenly heard a creaking noise and looked to his right.

“Mother?” he called out “Is that you?”

No answer. Shane did some eye searching as he slowly backed towards the door. Something just wasn’t right. At all.

“Beth?” Shane said as he turned towards the door “Where are the weapons mom got?”

“In her room I think!” Beth replied from inside.

No sooner had she finished saying that then with a load growl a particularly foul looking orc leapt from the roof and landed just behind Shane, causing him to turn around like lightning and see it and the large knife in it’s hands.

“Oh heck!” Shane cried out as he ran inside.

The orc charged at him but he managed to slam the door shut and pressed himself against it, briefly glancing to Terrence and Shane who looked absolutely horrified and to Ophelia and Frieda who were in complete shock.

“GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!!” Shane ordered.

No sooner did he say that then orc burst through the back door and fired an arrow from it’s bow which whizzed past Terrence, Beth, Frieda and Ophelia as they ducked down  and the arrow bounced harmlessly off the wall, during which Ophelia picked up a fallen kitchen knife and threw it at the orc. The orc dodged the knife which became embedded in the wall near the door, with the orc throwing down his bow and drawing an ax from it’s quiver.

As if things couldn’t get any worse the orc at the front door finally managed to force the door open and then when Shane backed away the orc smacked him to the side and he fell to the ground knocking over a chair. A sudden burst of bravery suddenly overtook Frieda and she grabbed the arrow which had landed at her feet and then shoved the orc back towards the door and then stabbed it in the heart, managing to throw it onto the porch before another orc came and kicked Frieda backwards so that she landed right next to Shane.

Suddenly, another orc fell through the roof with a sword drawn out and landed just a few feet away from Ophelia, Beth and Terrence.

“Under the table!” Ophelia barked as she ducked Terrence down along with herself.

As they did so, Beth grabbed the half-full glass water pitcher on the table just as the orc charged at her and then she swung it at the orc with the pitcher shattering upon impact with the orcs head, knocking it out of the fight. But as soon as she ducked under the table, at least two more orcs burst in from the roof, weapons drawn, while poor Kamilla was still on the bed, too weak to put up a fight herself.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 59
During all this, Smaug stayed where the pillar was, his left wing claws grasping the fallen pillar. Before him the treasure room finally reached it’s end with a giant hill of treasure on top and under the platform Smaug was on. At the foot of the gold pile was another platform and more rock wall with the flat stone floor. There was also now enough space for Smaug to spread out his wings. Brianna was hiding under the platform while Smaug searched for her with a surprising amount of determination.

“The line of Durin is dead!” he roared “I took their throne and their kingdom! I ate their people like a wolf among sheep!”

Brianna ran out into the open and quickly looked up while he was talking. He wasn’t facing her but was looking back at the area where Brianna first saw the Arkenstone. Not wanting him to see her, she quickly began running down the hill of gold but the noise caused by her feet and her scent caused Smaug to whizz his head around and catch sight of her. He slammed his tail into the gold pile, intentionally causing some of it to slide downwards and make Brianna trip and start sliding down with it.

“I kill where I wish when I wish!” Smaug gloated while he moved his tail out of the gold and began spreading his wings “My armor is iron! The shock of my tail is like a thunderbolt!”

And with that he launched himself from the platform and glided down towards the last platform below, with the breeze and air in the cave flowing through and around his wings partly through some holes in his wings. Brianna finally finished tumbling and rolling and ducked under the platform as Smaug landed on it above her and the impact forced her to the ground.

“No blade can pierce me!” Smaug bellowed “And even then, who could stop me now?!”


Beatrice and Beth poked their heads out from behind a building and saw the tower containing the dwarf wind-lance was close by. Shane had wanted to come but Beatrice had ordered him to stay behind and look after the girls and Terrence. Beatrice tilted her head to the right slightly and her and Beth began heading down the avenue, with the black arrow still in Beatrice’s hands.

“Mom, how come you never told us about the arrow?” Beth asked.

“Because you didn’t need to know.” Beatrice replied.

They then were about to round another corner when they stopped and Beatrice peeked from behind the building. The tower was just up ahead and no one was really out save for some people sweeping what could only be considered porches in town. Beatrice then looked to her daughter expectantly.

“Okay, Beth, listen closely.” she said softly “I need you to distract the guards. Once I’m at the top of the tower I’ll set the bow in place, do you understand?”

“Yes, mama.” Beth replied.

On a nearby street corner, Edwin, Bernadette and Bradley had spotted them while they were having a smoke during a break from patrolling.

“Hey!” Bernadette barked “Beatrice, hold it right there!”

Beatrice and Beth immediately turned and began running back the way they came, with Bernadette and the other guards in pursuit. They turned another corner and did their best to duck behind some boxes in the market place just as the guards ran past them and went the other direction. Beatrice looked ahead of her and saw the bridge right in front of them which led to a shop. She then looked back to Beth who had pulled up the hood on her coat and carefully handed the Black Arrow to her.

“Sweetheart, look at me.” Beatrice ordered quietly “Hide the arrow then head straight home. I’ll buy you some time.”

“No, mom!” Beth barked “I’m not leaving you!”

They suddenly heard Bernadette and the guards exclaim in the distance. Normally, Beatrice would have scolded Beth for giving away where they were but right now she wasn’t in the mood for that.

“Beth, don’t argue with me!” Beatrice hissed “I’m trusting you with this! Now go!”

Beth didn’t argue but obeyed her mother and ran across the bridge into the shop while Beatrice stood up and walked out into the open. She looked to her right and no one was there. And lo and behold the loud footsteps of the guards soon came from her left. She turned to see the Bernadette and the guards all stop directly in front of her.

“Hey, Bernadette.” she said.

“You’re under arrest.” Bernadette said in her thick accent “Come with us quietly and they’re won’t be any trouble.”

“I’m so sorry for this.” Beatrice replied as her hands closed into fists.

“Sorry for what?” Bernadette asked.

As if on command, Beatrice whacked Bernadette in the jaw causing her fall hard onto the boardwalk. Edwin tried to grab Beatrice but she knocked him into a pile of baskets and made a break for it. Doing her best to draw attention away from Beth.


Beth meanwhile exited out the back door of the shop and found herself on a walkway that separated two streets. To her left was a boat that had a net and some coats. And right at the heart of the street it was on was a silver statue of the first Lake-town master, standing proud with a carved in coat and with his staff carved from the stone at the base of the statue. She heard the kafuffle that was Beatrice leading the guards away and briefly thought going back and helping her mother. After all, stuff like this was up Shane’s ally, with him being the eldest and all. But she remembered what her mother had told her. ‘Hide the arrow then head straight home.’ she had said. And her mother was trusting her to do this. She couldn’t let her down.

She got the work throwing the Black Arrow onto the boat then concealing it underneath the net and two sheets. Once she was sure it was hidden she made a bee-line for whatever direction home was from this point.


Beatrice had done a surprisingly good job dodging the guards. They chased her through an entire block of town but failed to catch her. She came dangerously close to falling into the water when she had to clamber through some boats, one of which had fishermen in it but managed to get onto the other side alright. The guards tried to do the same but one of them accidently shoved Bradley over the side and he crashed into the cold water.

For just a moment, Beatrice thought she was in the clear as she rounded a corner and headed into an ally-way when suddenly she slammed into someone so fast that she was knocked over and crashed into a small cart of cabbages and a sewing kit. She flopped onto the ground with some of the cabbages landing on top of her.

“My cabbages!” the owner of the ill-fated cabbage cart called out from his shop.

Poor Beatrice shook her head and regained herself and saw that it was Mushu of all people she had slammed into. Or rather he had tripped her when she bumped into him. He then walked up to her as Jeff emerged from behind him holding a baton.

“Ne bich iissda.” Mushu said smugly.

“W-What?” Beatrice asked groggily.

“I think what he means…” Jeff said as he readied his baton “…is that should have stayed at home barge-woman.”

And then he smacked Beatrice right on the head with the baton, knocking her out cold.


The girls stayed where they were outside the hidden door but now could still hear the loud thundering of Smaug stomping or moving around in the treasure. They were all soon overcome with worry.

“What about Brianna?” Ottilie inquired.

“Yeah!” Nadja said in agreement “What’ll we do? We can’t just leave her there!”

“Give her more time.” Traude replied with her back turned to everyone but Barbara who stood at her side.

“Time to do what?” Barbara demanded suddenly “To be killed?”

Traude looked to Barbara with a look of surprise on her face while Barbara had a stern but concerned look on her face.

“You’re afraid.” Traude said.

“Alright, yes, I am afraid.” Barbara replied “I fear for you. There’s a sickness on that gold. A sickness which drove your poor grandfather mad!”

“I’m not my grandfather.” Traude responded “I never was.”

“Well, you’re most definitely not yourself!” Barbara said.

“What do you mean by that?” Traude asked in irritation.

“The Traude I know would not hesitate to go in there and rescue Brianna!” Barbara pointed out “And yet here you keep us doing nothing!”

“I’m not risking this quest for…” Traude angrily replied hesitantly “…for one burglar.”

Everyone was perplexed by Traude’s behavior. She’d been acting slightly more aggressive than normal lately but they’d dismissed it as possible stress from the journey. But now she didn’t even seem to bat an eye over the fact that Brianna was down there trying to get the Arkenstone.

“Brianna.” Barbara said “Her name is Brianna.”

Traude turned away from Barbara and looked out at the prairie landscape before her, gleaming in the moonlight, while her head was unknowingly aligned with the profile of the statue of her aforementioned grandfather.


Brianna was safely hidden underneath the platform at the treasure room’s end. The Arkenstone didn’t seem to be anywhere but she was more concerned with not getting spotted by Smaug who was slithering towards the side of the platform while Brianna hid behind one of the platforms pillars which held it up.

“It’s Oakenshield. That filthy, dwarfish usurper!” Smaug snarled “She sent you in here for the Arkenstone, didn’t she little one?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Brianna barked while she never moved away from the pillar.

“Don’t bother denying it! I guessed her part your little escapade some time ago.” Smaug replied as his left wing claws grasped the pillar just fifteen feet away from Brianna “But it matters not. Her quest will fail. This gold is mine and mine alone.”


To say Gillian’s investigation took a turn for the worse was an understatement. With her staff gone and having gotten thrown around by Sauron and his orcs, she was now locked up in a cage she could barely move around in hanging just over the ledge of a high platform near the back entrance of Dol Guldur. The fog hung just below her, covering up whatever ground there was. She had a rather nasty cut on her forehead and felt slightly disoriented as she looked down from her cage. But down below she could see…torches?

They were in fact torches. Hundreds of torches. And they belonged to a massive amount of orcs who were chattering and hissing with excitement. Just then Azog himself rode up to the orcs on his warg followed by twenty other orcs on wargs.

“The master has given the order!” he roared loudly “To war!”

As he and his orc pack and their wargs turned their backs to the other orcs, a loud, bombastic horn sounded from a nearby cave. Then Gillian’s eyes grew wider and wider as she saw what emerged from that cave.

Following Azog and his pack from the cave and the doors of the ground level of Dol Guldur were row upon row of orcs, with varying kinds of swords, spears, axes, rather large knives and other bizarre weapons. They weren’t wearing any armor (for orcs felt their numbers could overwhelm an enemy) but rather grisly coats made out of animal fur and skin, some of which were of bears. Some had noses while others had no noses at all or were missing an eye or two. And every one of them looked as if it had been born from the most nightmarish part of the earth. In total, at least six thousand orcs followed after Azog and his pack, stomping in rhythm as they marched.

Gillian gulped as she looked away and then thought of the girls, whom she feared had entered the mountain.

“Please, please girls…” she said to herself “…stay away from the mountain.”
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 58
Things getting a wee bit tense now, eh? 
The voice of Smaug was unlike anything Brianna had ever heard. It was deep and booming with a snake like hiss. It was so deep that Brianna could feel her chest vibrating from the decibels. His teeth were as long as Brianna was tall and were serrated like knives.

“Well…thief…” he said as he slithered around the pillar from behind “I smell you. I hear your breath. I feel your air.” he stopped for a moment as his neck appeared from behind the pillar along with some of his body and he turned towards where Brianna was “Where are you? Where are you?!”

When he finished that sentence, his teeth were at least ten feet away from Brianna’s face. Then Brianna made the biggest mistake she could have made: she panicked and turned, trying to run back as fast as she could to the way she came. It proved incredibly difficult to run with all the gold and jewels on the floor and she ended up tripping and sliding when she tripped on some cups.

But Smaug wasn’t far behind. Despite his size, he was extremely maneuverable and slithered round the stone pillars holding up the roof like a fish swimming through a river at alarming speed, his fingered claws on his wings grasping onto the pillars to lurch himself forward. Brianna managed to duck behind another pillar as Smaug zoomed past her, spraying what was practically a wave of gold in his wake. He then stopped for a moment when almost his entire body in full view save for his tail and his back legs, with them being buried in gold behind the pillar.

“Come now, don’t be shy.” he hissed in an uncomfortably seductive sounding tone “Step into the light. There’s plenty of gold to spare.”

Brianna didn’t answer but kept quiet as much as she could. It was then Smaug detected something else about his invisible opponent. You see, dragons are aware of every piece of gold in their treasury and Smaug was now detecting a small but new piece of gold. It was Brianna’s ring, though she didn’t know it.

“Oooh, interesting.” Smaug said as he turned and began maneuvering round the pillar “There is something about you. Something you carry.” he continued as he rounded the corner and now his head and right wing were in front of Brianna “Something made of gold…but far more…precious.”

As soon as he finished saying ‘precious’, Brianna suddenly felt like her chest was caving in. It was that same feeling she’d felt all the way back at the edge of the Elven gate of Mirkwood, only now it felt even worse.
She shut her eyes and grasped onto her chest with her right hand as her breathing became labored when suddenly a frightening image of an eye writhed in fire flashed in front of her. Acting out of fear, she immediately ripped the ring off her finger and became visible. The chest pains suddenly vanished and she started breathing normally.

Unfortunately, Smaug could see her now, with his eye looking right at her.

“There you are, thief in the shadows.” he said as a wicked grin came on his face.

Brianna gulped nervously as she shoved the ring back in her pocket. She had no idea how to talk to a dragon, especially one as huge as Smaug. She’d have to make up a reason for being here and fast.

“I-I-I didn’t come to steal from you…” she stammered “…Smaug the Wealthy.”

“Then why are you here?” Smaug asked.

“You see, I wanted to gaze upon your magnificence.” Brianna lied “I wanted to see if you were as great as the old tales say. I honestly didn’t believe them but now…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Smaug turned around and began emerging from the other side of the pillar, his tail brushing against the rock-wall. Brianna stumbled away from the safety of the pillar and now stood in full view as Smaug finally fully emerged, his tail and the rest of him being un-earthed from the sea gold, with him being illuminated by shafts of light from the cracks in the roof.

“And do you now?!” he roared as he raised up his neck and chest with the aid of his wing claws.

Brianna was stunned. He was even larger then she thought. In fact, he was practically the size of a small city. His wings were almost as tall as the pillars and when spread out stretched from one end of the room to the other.

“Truly the tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity, Smaug the Stupendous.” Brianna said.

“Do you honestly think flattery will keep you alive, little thief?” Smaug inquired.

“N-No.” Brianna replied “I don’t think so.”

“No indeed. At least you are an honest thief.” Smaug said as he began coming towards her “You seem to be familiar with my name but I don’t remember smelling you’re kind before.” he went on as he stopped with his head thirty feet away from her “Now tell me, who are you and where do you come from? May I ask?”

Brianna was about to answer when something gleamed in the corner of her right eye. She darted her eyes in that direction and turned her head slightly and there she saw it. Half-buried in gold coins was a large, round jewel which gleamed like a star. It seemed as if a light was encased inside the stone for it had a very bright glow to it. It was the Arkenstone, the thing Brianna had been sent to retrieve.

However, she still had Smaug to deal with. She decided quickly that would be best not to give away her name, the girls or her intentions for the Arkenstone. So she decided that if a game of riddles worked on Gollum, it’d be worth trying on Smaug.

“I come from under the hill.” Brianna said shyly “And under hills and over hills my path has led. A-And through the air, I am she who walks unseen.”

“My, my. How impressive.” Smaug said with sudden interest “What else do you claim to be?”

Brianna gulped and stuttered as she looked for the right answer as Smaug’s mouth was inches away from her body as he growled in a rather strange manner.

“W-Well, I’m also called l-luck-wearer.” Brianna continued “Riddle-maker and spider-slayer.”

“Lovely titles.” Smaug said as his stinky breath encompassed Brianna which nauseated her “Go on.”

“Gee, I have so many.” Brianna chuckled “Well, there’s barrel-rider.”

“Barrels?” Smaug hissed as he backed away slightly “Now that is interesting.” he paused for just a second as he held his neck and chest up again “And what about you’re little dwarf friends? Where are they hiding?”

Brianna was perplexed. How did he know about the girls? She hadn’t told him a thing about them except ‘barrel rider’ and…oh drat. Then she remembered Smaug had been able to smell her while she had the ring on, which meant that he could probably smell the girls. She tried her best to conceal the fact that the girls were outside for a little more time.

“Dwarves?” she said as she began making her way slowly towards the Arkenstone “What dwarves? There are no dwarves here! You’ve got that all wrong!”

“Oh, I don’t think so, barrel-rider.” Smaug replied wickedly “They sent you in here to do their dirty work while they skulk about outside.”

Brianna froze and turned back to Smaug who had his reptilian eyes fixed on her as if she were some sort of prey.

“You must be mistaken, Smaug Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities.” Brianna said.

“You have nice manners…for a thief and a liar!” Smaug hissed “I know the smell and taste of dwarf better then anyone else! They’re drawn to treasure like vultures to a kill.”

He then extended his right wing forward and slammed it onto the floor. The force of the impact nearly caused Brianna to fall over and caused the gold around the Arkenstone to slide down like a golden mud slide, taking the Arkenstone with it. Ignoring her own safety, she ran towards it and tried to grab it, only for her foot to accidently kick the stone even further away and causing it to pounce down the golden slopes while Brianna tumbled after it.

“Did you think I did not know this day would come?!” Smaug roared as he pursued poor Brianna “That a pack of canting dwarves would come crawling back to the mountain?!”

He slammed into an already unstable pillar and pushed against with all his might as he chased Brianna. The pillar crumbled at it’s center and fell over with a tremendous and thunderous crash.


The impact of the pillar along with Smaug moving around caused the entire mountain to shake slightly but it could still be felt, even on the outside where the girls were sitting on the ledge. The girls were taken aback by the rumbling emanating from underground inside the treasure room.

“What was that?!” Daniela demanded.

“Was it an earthquake?” Ottilie inquired.

“That, my lass…” Barbara said as she turned towards the girls “…was a dragon.”

Even Traude seemed troubled by the rumbling from inside the mountain, especially when it happened a second time.


At Beatrice’s house she as sitting in her chair while her children were fixing up dinner in the kitchen. Ophelia had cleaned the wound on Kamilla’s leg in an attempt to avoid further infection and was washing her hands of the blood in the bathroom. Frieda had never once left Kamilla’s side and sat in a chair Shane had brought her. Kamilla was resting on her left side but her breathing remained labored and her hand clenched Frieda’s. All the candles were lit along with lanterns to provide extra light in the house.

The rumbling from the mountain suddenly struck, with it being so strong it could be felt away the way in Lake-town. The house shook slightly and creaked, with some dirt dissipating through cracks in the roof tiling. Everyone was perplexed by the occurrence and Beatrice looked to her children.

“Mom!” Beth exclaimed looking out the kitchen window “It’s coming from the mountain!”

Ophelia poked her head out of the bathroom with worry, still drying her hands with a towel. Beatrice looked down at the floor for a moment as she began to become very worried. That rumbling could only mean one thing. And it’s the one thing she hoped wouldn’t happen.

“You need to leave us.”  Frieda piped up as Beatrice turned to her “Take your children and go.”

“But we can’t just leave you!” Shane protested.

“I won’t have you getting hurt because of something we did.” Frieda replied sternly.

“Where can we go?” Beatrice asked “There is nowhere to go.”

“Mum?”  a voice asked.

Beatrice turned to see Terrence standing next to his brother and sister, looking absolutely terrified.

“Mum…are we going to die?” he asked again.

Beatrice sighed as she walking up to her son then leaned down and put her arms on his comfortingly.

“No, son.” she said smiling “I won’t let that happen.”

“But mum, the dragon’s going to kill us.” Terrence said.

“Not if I kill it first.” Beatrice replied.

She stood up, a brave look suddenly coming across her face. She then looked to where the spices hung on some fishing net where a cabinet would be. She reached up and grasped something hidden above the net that seemed to be hidden in the wood of the plank it was hanging from. She then pulled it out with some dirt and dust spilling out in it’s wake.

In her hands was a gleaming silver spear as long as she as tall that was curved slightly at the end. Everyone stared at it in awe.

“A black arrow.” Frieda said.

“Wow.” Beth said in wonder “That’s the one thing…”

“…that can pierce the dragons hide, I know.” Beatrice said finishing Beth’s sentence.
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