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Dol Guldur was called The Hill of Sorcery for a reason. Both day and night it was shrouded in fog, especially at the end of the bridge which led into the fortress and in the fog it’s crumbling towers stood high above the fog like giant, stone trees. Around the fortress and growing on it’s borders were blackened, leafless trees which swayed and creaked in the cold wind.

The fortress was crawling with orcs and wargs, with orcs yapping and chattering to one another in black speech whilst the wargs howled and snarled waiting for their next meal. Bats also fluttered through cracks and between the giant thorns which grew inside the fortress itself.

Azog walked into the very heart of the fortress and stopped after a few paces. As he stopped the fog ahead of him began to swirl just inches above the ground. The collection fog and mist suddenly began to change color to jet black as it grew larger and larger. It then began to take the shape of a tall figure with a vulture-like posture. Within seconds, half the fog had collected and become this shadow figure. It’s very presence made the air suddenly turn cold and suddenly it opened soulless, red eyes and black pupils.

This was the Necromancer.

“We grow in numbers.” he said in a deep yet raspy voice “We grow in strength. There has been a change in plans.”

“Why have you summoned me?” Azog demanded.

“You will lead my armies.” the Necromancer said.

“What of Oakenshield and the dwarves?” Azog inquired.

The Necromancer didn’t answer but instead swirled it’s shadowy form under Azog and then reappeared behind Azog as the orc turned around.

“Do not question my actions.” the Necromancer.

“You promised me her head!” Azog roared.

“SILENCE!!!” the Necromancer roared so loud that it actually knocked Azog over and he fell to the ground.

The Necromancer moved forward slightly till he was at Azog’s feet. Azog looked up in terror and saw as the Necromancer stared down at him, his blood-red eyes never blinking once.

“You are the flea that thinks itself a giant.” he said “You are tiny. Be patient. Death will come to all.”

And with that the Necromancer vanished into the mist and the fog returned to it’s normal eerie state as a similarly eerie silence fell upon the fortress. Azog got up and looked around. The Necromancer was nowhere to be seen. As he pondered his next move, Narzug and a few other orcs showed up.

“Do we cancel the hunt, master?” he inquired.

Azog then had an idea. Although he couldn’t continue the hunt, he knew someone who could. He then turned around and took a deep breath.

“BOLG!” he roared.

As if on command, Bolg appeared out of the fog, walking like a mindless zombie paying no heed to the orcs he was shoving out of the way. He then stopped in front of Azog and growled.

“I have a task for you.” Azog said “Do you still thirst for dwarf blood?”

“Yes.” Bolg replied with a hiss.

“Go. Hunt Oakenshield down with the rest of the pack.” Azog ordered “Bring me her head. Slay the others.”

“As you wish.” Bolg said with a smirk.


Dorothea was awakened by the most mundane sound she could imagine. Her stomach was growling. She looked around then at her stomach and rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on.” Dorothea moaned.

She then propped herself up and yawned. She then moved the blanket off and got up and shook the hay off her gown as best she could. She then picked up her shawl and wrapped it around herself and she carefully moved around the other girls who were fast asleep. Once she was past the girls she looked around for a kitchen. The moon luckily was bright enough that when it shone through the windows and holes in the roof she could see what was around her.

She looked all around but couldn’t find the kitchen. But then she looked closely to the dining tables right and sure enough there was the kitchen. It amazed her how the owner of this house had managed to cram his kitchen right next to the dining table.

Dorothea was surprised to hear a groan come from her right and she turned to see her sister Nadja squinting tiredly at her.

“Sis?” she moaned “What are you doing up?”

“I was hungry and was looking for the kitchen.” Dorothea replied.

“Isn’t it over there?” Nadja said motioning to where Dorothea had been looking.

Dorothea rolled her eyes. “Yes thank you, Nadja.” she said sarcastically “I couldn’t have found without you.”

“No need to be so sarcastic.” Nadja moaned “You take yourself to seriously all the time anyway. You’re almost as bad as Traude.”

“I do not!” Dorothea hissed.

“Then how come you aint got no husband?” Nadja said.

“Because mom and dad left me in charge of you and Ottilie.” Dorothea said “Don’t be so naive. Besides I could get a husband if I wish too.”

“Yup.” Nadja sighed “And he’s just gonna walk right through the door, eh?”

A bears growl suddenly came from outside. Though it was faint, Dorothea could hear it and she gasped in fright and Nadja’s eyes suddenly opened all the way and she looked to her sister who scrambled to the pillar whilst making sure not to step on anyone. She then crouched down right next to Nadja who slid over to Dorothea’s feet.

“That bear’s back!” Nadja hissed “We’re dead meat.”

“Quiet!” Dorothea whispered “Keep your head down.”

Nadja lay down and shut up like a clam. The door suddenly creaked open and Dorothea peeked from behind the pillar carefully to make sure she wasn’t seen.

A tall figure then entered through the door as moonlight poured into the house. Fortunately, the girls stayed in shadow but Dorothea wasn’t taking any chances. She continued to look at the person, whom she assumed was Beorn. But suddenly she began looking for different reasons.

The moonlight illuminated Beorn’s figure and soon his face could be seen. He was indeed a very tall man almost as tall as his doorway. He had a short beard that looked like he’d trimmed it ever so slightly. He had blue eyes and rather short hair considering his other form was a bear but from what Dorothea could see his hands were rather hairy. As she looked closer she noticed a scar on the right side of his head that seemed to be relatively new because the red of blood could still be seen.

Dorothea’s heart suddenly began beating faster. This man looked…handsome. Not at all how Gillian made him out to be. Dorothea suddenly felt herself blushing and she had to restrain a giggle.

Beorn was busy seemingly looking for something and he seemed to have found it because she soon headed for the door carrying a knapsack. And with that he walked out and shut the door behind him and the room became dark again. Dorothea then sighed a massive sigh of relief and Nadja turned around to see the closed door and looked up at her sister who then looked at her.

“Boy that was a close one.” Nadja said “He almost spotted us.”

“I think he was distracted with other things.” Dorothea said.

“Yeah right.” Nadja said “So…what did he look like? Was he ugly?”

Dorothea bit her lip. She couldn’t tell her sister that she thought he was handsome. She’d never hear the end of it. Especially after Nadja told her she took everything so seriously.

“He was rather ugly.” she lied “Looks exactly how you pictured him.”

“Face like a troll?” Nadja said “Hair all over the place?”

Dorothea felt like scolding her sister. That wasn’t how Beorn looked at all from what she could see of him.

“Not exactly.” she said.

“Good point.” Nadja yawned “No one’s THAT ugly.”

Dorothea chuckled softly. “You should probably get to bed. And so should I.”

“Well, good night, sis.” Nadja said as she got comfortable “Sweet dreams.”

“You too.” Dorothea yawned as she stretched her arms and lay herself back down on the hay covered floor.

Dorothea soon fell fast asleep and didn’t even notice that she was smiling as she fell asleep. Whoever this Beorn was, he had ignited her interest and she needed to know more about him. Even if she had to talk to him directly herself.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 28
The shortest chapter to date. I'll try to write more in the future. 
Yes today is my 18th birthday today and I'm excited as can be! And I would like to thank all my followers and friends on deviantart for being awesome and nice. I'm so sorry that I've barely been on the site but I have a Tumblr now so now I don't have as much time to be here but I hope to put more stuff here soon.

Thank you everyone for supporting me. :)
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