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I have finally completed over half of my hobbit genderbend fanfic. I can safely say that i'm pretty excited. But the fic will now go on hiatus breifly while I wait for the Battle of the Five Armies extended cut, since I use the extended cuts of the films as my basis along with the book. For those who are still reading what I've read so far I want to say thank you for taking the time to read it. I feel truly blessed and I thank God that I have such kind-hearted readers. 

Thank you. See you next time. 
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Luck finally seemed to smile down on Terrence, Shane, Beth, Taduesz, Kamilla, Frieda, Ophelia and Bertha. Just ahead they saw an opening towards the open water with another boat just ahead of them and a few more behind. By now most people had managed to get into boats and were loading injured people into some of the larger boats. The snow still blew through the air, mixing with the embers and ash from the fire. The smoke was now billowing almost a mile into the sky, obscuring many of the buildings.

Except one.

Beth just happened to look to her left and saw the bell tower two blocks away. And there at it’s top was Beatrice firing arrows at Smaug as he passed by. A strange mixture of joy and shock went through her when she saw her mother.

“Mom!” she called out.

Everyone else in the boat quickly turned towards the tower in surprise and Terrence gasped in shock.

“Mom!” he called out “We’re over here!”

“Be quiet!” Ophelia demanded sharply “She can’t hear you!”

“What is she doing?!” Kamilla demanded.

The answer came when Smaug soared towards the direction the tower and they watched as Beatrice fired another arrow, this one aimed at Smaug’s chest. The arrow disappeared into the smoke as Smaug soared through it just missing the tower as Beatrice reloaded her bow. In the boat, everyone was perplexed when Kamilla exclaimed with joy.

“She did it!” she said “She hit the dragon!”

“But that can’t be.” Taduesz said.

“But she hit it’s mark!” Kamilla insisted “I saw!”

“Kamilla, her arrows cannot pierce it’s hide!” Taduesz pointed out sternly “I don’t think anything will.”

“Wow, you’re such a downer.” Bertha said.

“But we have to help her!” Terrence piped up.

“And how are we going to do that?!” Shane asked.

While they were busy arguing, Beth glanced towards the boats left again and noticed in a clearing between some buildings was the statue of the Lake-town master. Or rather what was left of it, with the entire top half of the statue entirely gone with only everything below the thighs remaining. What remained of it either had sunk or was floating in the water, being covered with snow. She noticed that the snow in particular had collected onto three boats that lined the boardwalk, the one in the middle looking as if some coats and nets were being buried in snowfall.

The boat she remembered stuffing the Black Arrow in.

It then clicked in her brain what she had to do. She decided then and there that her mother needed her help rather then the inverse. She turned directly to her brothers who had just stopped arguing at Frieda’s insistence.

“Terrence.” Beth said.

“What?” her little brother replied turning towards her with Shane.

“You stay with Shane, okay?” Beth continued.

“Why?” Terrence asked “Beth, what you plan-”

Beth didn’t answer and before Terrence could finish, she jumped out of the boat and managed to grab onto a nearby cargo lift and swung towards the boardwalk.

“BETH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!” Bertha called out.

“BETH!!!” Shane and Terrence barked.

Beth didn’t answer, instead landing on the boardwalk and running towards the place where the boats were at dock, dodging some debris while she was at it. Her brothers, on the other hand, were beyond distraught.

“We have to go back for her!” Shane demanded.

“We can’t!” Taduesz responded “It’s too dangerous!”

“But she’s our sister!” Terrence insisted.

“I’m sorry but he’s right!” Ophelia said “We can’t go back for her!”

“But we can’t!” Terrence all but screamed with tears in his eyes as he looked to where Beth used to be on the boardwalk “Beth!!”


At this point, Beatrice was on her last legs. Every single arrow she’d shot at Smaug had bounced off his skin like a pebble skipping off the surface of the water. This hit her hard when she turned to re-load (having put her quiver down next to her feet) only to discover had only one arrow left. She hesitated for a few seconds as if she was afraid to reach out to it. But she decided she was being ridiculous and grasped the arrow just as she looked towards the skyline in front of her and saw Smaug circling towards the tower and towards her. She readied her bow as she drew it with the dragon drawing ever closer. She mentally counted from ten downwards and then fired her arrow. It went through the air like a bullet and then scraped the skin just under Smaug’s eye before falling away and disappearing into the smoke and fire.

Smaug snarled in irritation just as he passed the tower with the tip of his wing brushing against it. It wasn’t much but it was enough to knock Beatrice to her feet, chip a hole in the roof which allowed the snow to get in and to cause the bell to clang louder then before, swinging a lot faster as well. Beatrice turned to look behind her as Smaug roared loudly as he soared into the sky.

And so, for the first time in her life since the death of her husband, Beatrice started to lose all hope. She’d now fired every single one of her arrows at this dragon to no avail. It was like shooting a mountain that floated in the air at 120 miles an hour. Now he’d undoubtedly incinerated her children and possibly half the town. There seemed to be no end to his barrage of fire. Beatrice could only watch with most of the light having gone from her eyes with cuts and bruises on her hands and face with some of her hair becoming loose and dangling in front of her right eye. Her whole body trembled like there was earthquake going on as the cold air started to get to her with the snow falling like white rain that sought to quench the fire. Then as Beatrice was about to surrender herself to fate, Beth clambered up the staircase behind her and poked her head and shoulders up.

“Mom!” she called out.

Beatrice whipped her head around towards her daughter with Beth gasping softly at the sorry state her mother was in.

“Beth!” Beatrice said “What are you doing?! You were supposed to leave with your brothers!”

“Mama, I came to help you!” Beth replied.

“It’s no use.” Beatrice responded as her voice broke with tears streaming down her face “Nothing can stop that cursed thing now.”

“But this might.” Beth said as she held up the black arrow.

Beatrice blinked in surprise as she gazed at the giant weapon. Beth then made her way to where her mother was with her feet at the edge of the trap door. Beatrice grasped the black arrow with her right hand while she placed her left hand on her daughter’s shoulder.

“Sweetheart, you must go.” she insisted “Go back to your brothers.”

Beth was about to say something when she happened to look out behind her mother to see Smaug appear from the smoke, heading directly for the tower and his feet were raised like eagle talons.

“MOM, LOOK OUT!!!!” she screamed.

She ducked her mother’s head down just seconds before Smaug’s claws crashed into the tower as he soared above it. His claws wrenched the bell from it’s holding place and ripped the entire roof off, spreading snow and wooden debris everywhere. The tower shook and shuddered but surprisingly didn’t topple over. Beatrice and Beth then lifted their heads up towards the clouded sky dropping snow gently on top of them like a blanket. They then looked to each other with relief until Beatrice noticed the blood on Beth’s right arm just as Beth winced in pain.

“Oh Beth, you’re bleeding!” Beatrice exclaimed as she grasped her daughters arm.

Beth quickly looked to her right arm and sure enough she had a nasty cut on her arm that now stained her blue dress with blood. Luckily, it wasn’t a deep cut but that didn’t make it hurt any less. But as the two would soon find out, the grazed arm was the least of their worries.

Beatrice happened to turn to her left and saw Smaug lurch his body forward as he glided about three and a half blocks away and landed on top of some already charred up buildings with his claws digging into the boardwalk as the buildings collapsed under his weight. Beatrice took a deep breath then exhaled as she began to stand up on her legs with the Black Arrow slipping out of Beth’s hands as Beatrice grasped the weapon tightly. She then stood up all the way, proud and tall with the spear in her right hand and snow starting to collect on her hair and on the roofless tower, with her daughter looking up at her as her left hand clenched her injury.

“Beth, stay behind me.” Beatrice said boldly.

She looked defiantly at Smaug, who suddenly turned his head towards her with his fierce eyes glowing as red, orange and yellow as the fire. His eyesight was also amazingly keen for his size and he could make out Beatrice even from far away.

“Who are you that would stand against me?!” he demanded in his bellowing voice.

Beatrice didn’t answer but instead reached down and picked up her bow. But when she looked to her left hand, she was shocked to discover that save for the string, the bow was cut in half, with the bottom part just dangling lifelessly. Smaug apparently found this very amusing, as he slowly turned and began creeping towards the tower, step by step, with a sadistic, tooth filled grin on his face as he used the roofs of houses to balance his weight.

“Oh, now that is a pity. What will you do now…bow woman?” he gloated “You are forsaken. No help will come.”

Beatrice gulped as she looked around the platform looking for anything to tie the bow back together, as Smaug drew ever closer with the falling snow collecting on his body. It was then that he caught sight of Beth whose face was as white as a sheet.

“Is that your child?” Smaug asked wickedly much to Beatrice’s chagrin “You cannot save her from the fire. She will burn! Now…what say you?”

At first, Beatrice didn’t know how to respond, thinking briefly of just grabbing Beth and leaving. But then she remembered her ancestor, Girion. Everyone else had run from the fight but he didn’t. He stayed at his post, fighting the dragon even if in the end to no avail. And now here was Beatrice in an eerily similar situation. She knew what she had to do. It then clicked in her brain when she glanced back to Beth for a few moments and then she turned back to Smaug, with her courage suddenly building.

“As long as I draw breath…” she called out as loud as she could “…I will continue to fight you for as long as I am able!”

“If that’s what you wish.” Smaug laughed “Then I’ll give you the fight you’re looking for.”

Beatrice immediately looked to Beth and got down on her knees as she grasped both what was left of the bow and also the Black Arrow. Beth was perplexed by this as sweat dripped down her head. Beatrice then zipped her head up to her daughter and placed her right hand on her daughters left shoulder.

“Sweetie, I need you to move to where I was standing!” she ordered “But you have to be on your knees, understand?”

Beth nodded and quickly the two switched sides on the platform as Beth was now three feet from the edge of the platform with Beatrice then taking the two halves of the bow and jamming them into the support beams on either side of her daughter. She then motioned for Beth to grab onto the bow halves and she did so as, to her surprise, Beatrice rested the Black Arrow directly on Beth’s left shoulder, with both them down on their knees facing each other as Beatrice drew the bowstring and adjusted her aim as Smaug roared loudly as he got closer.

“Stay still, darling.” Beatrice ordered “Stay still.”

Beth nodded as Beatrice returned her attention to Smaug, whose whole body was now balancing on more sturdier buildings.

“Tell me…wretch…” he snarled “How now do you challenge me?!”

And it was then that Smaug made a fatal mistake. He lifted up his chest ever so slightly, but as he did so his chest started to glow and it was then that he inadvertently revealed the exposed flesh near his heart that Brianna had seen hours ago. His weakness was exposed. Beatrice almost felt like shouting for joy but instead stayed silent with a smug grin coming across her face.

“You have nothing left but you’re death!” Smaug bellowed.

And with that, he roared loudly with it cutting through the ash, smoke, ember and snow filled air like a knife as he then launched himself forward and actually started running atop the roofs. Beth couldn’t help but turn her head to see the titanic dragon moving ever closer.

“Sweetheart!” Beatrice barked suddenly “Beth!”

Beth zipped her head back to look at her mother, with the fire casting a glow on her and Beth’s faces.

“You look at me.” she said softly “You look at me, okay?”

Beth couldn’t give an answer but instead nodded as she shut her eyes. When she did this a single tear slipped out of her right eye. Beth had never been in a sorrier state. Along with the cut on her right arm, she also had bruises on her face and it was covered in sot. Her hair got in front of her face with her mother’s face being partially obscured by her hair as she opened her eyes.

“Now Beth, you need to move a little to your left.” Beatrice said softly.

Beth did as commanded and leaned ever so slightly to her left, with the sounds of Smaug’s thundering steps getting louder.

“That’s it.” Beatrice replied “Now hold still.”

Just seconds before she launched the arrow, Beatrice gulped one more time then exhaled as Smaug snarled and then launched himself into the air when he was just a block away, exposing his weak point even more. With no time left, Beatrice let go of the arrow and it flew out of her hands, off of Beth’s shoulder and speeded through the air like a massive bullet, cutting through the air before finally hitting Smaug directly in his weak point, causing some dragon blood to spill out upon impact.

The moment the arrow hit it’s mark, an explosive burst of agonizing pain shot through Smaug. His eyes grew bigger then they had before as the air suddenly started escaping his lugs. This sudden cardiac arrest caused him to swerve to the left side of the tower and to crash into all the nearby buildings, with his feet practically ripping the support for the tower apart. As it fell downwards, Beth and Beatrice grabbed onto each other just before it hit the water.

Smaug on the other hand couldn’t stop himself as he bulldozed through the buildings, destroying them and sending debris flying through the air before he grasped onto two buildings near the water’s edge with his wing claws and propelled himself into the air. But, unlike before, his flying was erratic and agonized. He roared in pain as he soon attempted to break through the smoke lair, his pain only getting worse and worse by the second. But what he didn’t know was where exactly the arrow had struck him. It didn’t just rip a hole into his heart causing blood to fill his lungs, it impaled the organ he used to make and contain his fire. He was literally being both burned alive and drowning in his own blood from the inside out.

The smoke only made it worse with his flowing into his chest causing him to hack and cough once he cleared the smoke screen. His roar was now a raspy, out of breath one as he attempted in vain to clear his lungs. Instead, he coughed up blood which dripped down out of his lips and nose as he turned his head toward the sky with the glow of the moon emanating from behind the clouds as his own mortality dawned on him.

“Damn it.” he coughed.

And finally the last of Smaug’s breath left him and he coughed one more salvo of blood as his body seized up and the fiery glow left his eyes. His lifeless body then fell down towards the lake as if it were weightless, joining the snow in it’s descent towards the burning wreckage of Esgaroth. And with a mighty whoosh the dragon’s body fell through the smoke screen and crashed onto the dock side of town, destroying any buildings under or next to him and sending small tidal waves of ice cold water onto that section of town.

After terrorizing the area for sixty years, Smaug the Dragon was dead.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 67
Smaug meets his end in so far the longest chapter of the story. So sorry these chapters take all of eternity. Had to fight writers block and my own laziness. 
Today I would like to wish everyone, espically my Christian followers, a very happy Easter and I hope you are blessed today. 

There's also some news for me to give: I will no longer be posting movie reviews here. I'm going to delete them all and then post my new ones, since those are better written and go more in depth then my old ones. 

Also my Hobbit fic will be put on hiatus for quite a while as I wait for the Battle of the Five Armies extendedcut. 

Have a good day! 
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Beatrice had at long last completed her sheet rope, despite the fire and smoke billowing around her and starting to fill the building. She shook her head whenever she felt exhausted and it helped clear her head. But just before he put her plan into action, she heard a particularly loud amount of yelling coming from just outside.

Nearing the bridge prison where she was were Bernadette and her group, now being joined by Bradley, Jeff and Mushu, who were running out of arrows and only had a few left. Bernadette, Susan and Edwin had managed to dump out most of the gold and jewels and Mushu, Jeff and Bradley began helping them dump the last of it.

“Thanks for your help, boys!” Bernadette exclaimed.

“Wish I could say the same!” Jeff replied “We must have shot half the armory at that thing!”

“They just bounced off his scales like pebbles!” Mushu piped up.

“We’ll have to leave the town, then.” Edwin said as they began to pass under the bridge “I hope we’re not the only ones left.”

And then as if on queue, down came Beatrice’s bed sheet rope at the end of the tunnel. Everyone was perplexed to say the least.

“What in heaven’s name?” Bernadette muttered to herself.

“Hello?!” called out Beatrice from her cell “Is anyone out there?!”

“Y-Yes!” Bernadette responded as they neared towards the rope “Beatrice, are you still stuck in there?!”

“Unfortunately, yes!” Beatrice barked “Could you lend me a hand?!”

The group didn’t know exactly how to react to letting a prisoner go. It was especially awkward considering they’d locked her up for some imagined crime Julie had made up. But, as the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. And this was one of those times.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” she said as the boat began to pass the rope.

Amidst the burning chaos, smoke, fire and falling snow, Bernadette, Edwin and Mushu quickly grabbed the rope and tied it to the back of the boat just as the boat was almost out from under the bridge, with everyone else (except obviously for little June who held her stuffed bear toll close to herself) continued rowing. Edwin briefly glanced up to Beatrice just as they were tying the lost knots, with Beatrice looking down from the cell bar window.

“Don’t make us regret this!” he called out.

“Okay, that’s the last one!” Bernadette barked as she moved towards the boats center “Now quickly! Row!”

Everyone then began rowing for their lives as Beatrice looked at her feet and saw the rope start to fly out the window at lightning speed as it was dragged by the boat. She quickly stepped back away from the window as the rope unraveled itself and then finally snagged onto the central bar. The wood around the bars suddenly started to creak and then with one mighty tug from the boat an almost ten foot wide and five foot tall gaping hole was created as the metal bars were ripped from the bridge, taking a section of the wall with it as snow from the roof fell into the river alongside the wooden debris.

Beatrice looked out from the hole at Bernadette and the others in the great gilded boat who looked back at her with June suddenly standing up and waving.

“Bye, miss prisoner!” she innocently called out.

“Goodbye!” Beatrice replied loudly “And thank you!”


In the midst of a burning blaze around them and the screams of terror sounding like an agonized chorus, three guards managed to get to the top of the tower containing the dwarf windlance. Obviously lacking in a black arrow, they were resorting to spears and arrows. As luck would have it, Smaug was finishing another pass and was close enough for them to take aim.

“Here he comes!” their leader ordered “Ready…aim…fire!”

They fired their arrows at Smaug who felt irritated as they bounced off his thick skin and he passed the dumbfounded guards. It was then that his eyes darted towards the windlance. That cursed thing. He remembered how a stubborn man had fired three shots at him with one chipping a scale of his chest, dangerously close to his heart. And now one of them was here. But they didn’t seem to have a black arrow with them.

Perfect he thought to himself I’ll be rid of that thing once and for all.

With that, he spun around and then headed directly towards the windlance tower with cold-blooded determination. The guards attempted to re-load but it was too late. With a mighty roar, Smaug lifted his head up along with some of his body, revealing his gigantic clawed feet. They stretched out like eagle talons and then in the blink of an eye they crashed into the tower, snatching the windlance and ripping it to pieces as it was dragged off the tower and then dropped into the water, with the tower collapsing onto two nearby burning buildings and the dead bodies of the three guards falling along with it onto the boardwalk.

One of the buildings was loaded with fireworks, mostly used for celebration, and when the tower collapsed on it, it ignited every single explosive in that building, triggering a truly massive blast that sent debris falling everywhere and spreading the fire even more.


A few minutes before that, Beatrice finally managed to make her way out of the cell and burst into the armory but was shocked by what she saw. The room contained some debris on the floor due to a man sized hole in the roof with snow now falling through it. Almost all the bows, arrows and quivers were missing along with several other weapons. But she noticed that some were spilled out rather messily on the floor so the guards had left in haste. And it was then that she saw tucked away in a corner near a broken window was a quiver loaded with arrows and a bow jammed into it. Beatrice was so relieved that as she grabbed the bow she expected an angelic chorus to burst out singing any second. She then quickly slipped on the quiver and then clambered onto the table which had part of it covered with snow. With great effort, she managed to grasp onto the roof beam and clamber through the hole and looked out at the burning town that surrounded her, with the bow in her left hand.

She found it hard to gain a footing on the roof as she attempted to clamber up so she used one of the arrows like a climbing hook. But as she was just about to reach the rooftop, the massive explosion from the fireworks building occurred and Beatrice lost her footing as the shockwave rippled through the block and she would have fallen into the lake had she not grabbed the bow she’d left in the roof. Debris and snow mixed together as they fell down around her. She gulped nervously and rolled her eyes as she once more clambered onto the rooftop.

This time, she actually managed to reach the roof and once she had her balance she grabbed the arrow she’d used for climbing and tucked it into her quiver. She looked straight ahead and that was when she saw it. Just a block away was the bell tower, it’s bell still ringing proudly as it had been ever since Smaug began his attack. It was remarkably undamaged if partly obscured by the billowing smoke. It looked as good a place as any for her to fire her arrows. She was about to head over there when a loud roar forced her to duck. As she did so, she looked to her right and saw Smaug make a sharp turn and soar over her as he attacked a nearby section of town. Beatrice felt as if her heart would stop as her eyes tracked the creature as he incinerated the entire block. He was even more dangerous then she had been told. And she was witnessing his wrath at full force. But she decided now was the time to act. She mustered up her courage and then bolted forward, doing her best to run on the rooftops and balance herself as she ran towards the bell tower.


Taduesz still stood at the front of the boat while Beth, Terrence, Kamilla and Ophelia huddled together for warmth as Frieda, Shane and Bertha rowed. They were just passing under a bridge when a nearby tower (not the tower from earlier) collapsed and crashed onto a boat filled with some refugees, killing them instantly. The ice cold water sprayed towards Taduesz and the others, with the water stinging their skin due to how cold it was. It really said something about how this destruction affected them when even Taduesz felt completely helpless. Some embers from the fire blew through the air, most of them sizzling as soon as they contacted the water.

Beth, Terrence and Shane could only watch in muted, silent horror as the town they’d called home burned like a candle dowsed in oil, with the screams of everyone around them feeling like daggers in their hearts.


Beatrice had run along so many rooftops she wondered if she’d ever even get to the tower at this rate. But luckily, she was actually getting closer to the tower with it’s bell still ringing. She at long last approached the last building as she looked to her lower left and saw a balcony. Naturally, she knew that where there was a balcony, there was a window. She then slid down the roof and landed with a thud onto the balcony. That normally would have hurt a lot more but thankfully te quiver loaded with arrows helped soften her landing. She ignored the irritating sore in her back as she got up and shoved the door open. The house was abandoned with the fire outside casting a deathly reddish-orange light into the empty building. Beatrice hurried through the building and soon found the staircase. She ran down at lightning speed and was relieved to see the door already open. She exited the house and found herself on the boardwalk and just a few steps away was the bell tower.

She wasted no time in running faster then she ever had before and kicked the door open, accidently causing the knob to fly off as the door swung open. She then entered the deserted building and saw on her left the staircase leading to the tower. She paused for a moment to catch her breath as she leaned down and put her hands on her knees as she panted.

Sweet mother of Girion. she thought If I make it through this, I’m never running like this again.

She the stood up, took a deep breath and the bolted for the staircase. She practically zipped up that staircase as fast as her legs could carry her. She accidently inhaled some smoke but she ignored it and just shook her head. Finally, she opened the trap door which led to the top of the tower and she collapsed onto the platform nearby the bell, coughing out some of the smoke. Her eyes stung as she again shook her head as the smoke and fire went higher and higher, but amazingly the tower remained unscathed. The tower had an open view of the entire town and was wide enough for three people to stand in at once. The bell hung just above Beatrice’s head, still ringing proudly if slightly quieter now. She then stood up defiantly with the bell still ringing behind her and loaded her bow with an arrow. The open air view helped her adjust her aim as she saw Smaug in the distance bombarding a section of town in fire with him now turning in the direction of the tower. He was specifically turning towards her left so that’s where she moved, with her body inches away from the balcony. As soon as he was within striking distance from the tower, Beatrice fired the arrow. It flew through the air at Smaug but when it impacted the area where his neck connected to his shoulder it bounced off and fell downwards and disappeared, with Smaug just flying by as if nothing happened.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 66
Well this took a bit longer then I anticipated. 
I have finally completed over half of my hobbit genderbend fanfic. I can safely say that i'm pretty excited. But the fic will now go on hiatus breifly while I wait for the Battle of the Five Armies extended cut, since I use the extended cuts of the films as my basis along with the book. For those who are still reading what I've read so far I want to say thank you for taking the time to read it. I feel truly blessed and I thank God that I have such kind-hearted readers. 

Thank you. See you next time. 
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