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First off my deviantart lives again so great talking to y'all again. But today i'd like to share some good news for you. In anticipation for the extended cut of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and all three extended cuts being released theatrically for a limited time, I decided it was time to work on a little pet project that's been in my mind for quite a while. Using the extended cuts (since those are the best versions which is an opinion shared by Peter Jackson and the cast), I'll cut together all three Hobbit films into two. 

Unlike the previous fan-edit, which I found lack-luster, not that well edited and I felt tried to cram to much into such a limited amount of time, this will homage and pay tribute to the original two-movie script and plans Jackson had far back in 2010-2011 before Warner Bros. started it's savage executive meddling and it was split into three. And because I want to differ myself from the other edit, here's what going or what's being tweaked the most:

1. Tauriel is still in the movie because I was very much angered by sexist and immature comments about the character and because i'm a fan of the character. However, there are some tweaks I made. In the original two-movie script, her romance with Kili was still there but was played more subtle and her relationship with Legolas was like that of siblings. So that's essentially what I'll do. The best way to describe to what I'm hoping to do is to qoute a review for Downton Abbey Season 2 regarding Thomas Barrow: "The subplots still there but it isn't so overt." So yeah no Warner Bros. induced love triangle, plenty of Tauriel for the fans and still some romance for the romantics.

2. The Dol Guldur subplot is put back in only it's edited down ever so slightly and will mostly take place in part 2. It's done in a way so that the blatant foreshadowing for Sauron is gone so that when he's revealed it's more surprising. And since Thrain and Radagast were in the book, they get to stay. Also, what better way to pay tribute to Christopher Lee then to put him back in. Will obviously contain footage from the third film's extended cut.

3. Azog, being probably the weakest and most useless Tolkien character since Tom Bombadil, is cut down severely. Same goes for Bolg, whose pretty much interchangeable with the former. He won't appear on screen until after Bilbo rejoining the company in the Misty Mountains. As I told one of my friends when I finally decided to go through with this "the less of Azog the better."

4. Alfrid was unfortunately in so much of the third film that it's going to be hard to remove him but i'll do my best and minimize his part. Plus with his confirmed death in the third film's extended cut, I can't resist the opportunity to include the scene where he'll finally perish and we all laugh manically.

5. The entire battle of five armies will get a chainsaw to the face in the editing room. It'll be greatly minimized (obviously it'll still be there) with most of the absurd moments being removed. So yes no Legolas Mario Bros. jump and Azog floating under the ice. 

6. The barrel scene will be shortened and serve as the climax for the An Unexpected Journey part, as it was intended before re-shoots. The barrel bounce involving Bombur, Legolas on dwarves heads and the Go-Pro shots are gone. 

7. If it's a CGI extravaganza, it's gone. 

8. The goblin town sequence will be cut down to something manageable and the stone giants scene will be cut out entirely, since it doesn't really do anything for the plot. 

9. The opening prologue is gone save for a little bit of Ian Holm's introduction before it zooms in on the map. 

10. I will probably have to trim Bag-End ever so slightly but it's for the best. 

11. The project will be titled The Hobbit: The Duology Edition with the two different parts being called An Unexpected Journey and There and Back Again.

So yeah there you go. I hope everything works out and, God willing, I'm successful. Thanks to everyone who supported my decision to make this. You're all awesome. 

God bless you all and have a great evening. 
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