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Everyone quietly sat at Beorn’s table whilst he poured them milk in rather large mugs. He finished pouring Traude a glass while she observed him with suspicious eyes.

“So you’re the dwarf princess Oakenshield?” Beorn asked.

“Yes.” Traude said “But I won’t be a princess for long.”

“I see.” Beorn said “Tell me this, though. Why is Azog the Defiler hunting you?”

“Wait…you know of Azog?” Traude asked with sudden interest “How?”

“My kind were the first to live in the mountains.” Beorn replied “Then the orcs came down from the north. The Defiler killed most of my family….” he stopped for a moment to seemingly look at the floor before returning to the conversation “…including my two daughters.”

Dorothea gasped softly and put her hand over her mouth, though to be fair everyone was taken aback by this. Nadja and Ottilie took notice. Beorn, in the meantime, continued his conversation.

“But some skin-changers he enslaved.” he said somberly “Not for work, you understand. But for sport.”

It was at that moment that both Dorothea and Brianna noticed something on Beorn’s left wrist. A rusted, old, broken chain that seemed to be glued to his skin. Brianna gulped nervously and returned to sipping her milk.

“It seemed caging my kind like wild animals and torturing them amused him.” Beorn went on as he filled Dorothea’s mug.

“You poor, poor man.” Dorothea said in a heartbroken tone, looking up at him.

“Are there others like you?” Brianna piped up.

Beorn turned to look at her with a saddened look on his face.

“Once there were many.” he said softly.

“A-And now?” Brianna asked.

Beorn then slowly turned away from Brianna and stepped forward a bit with his back turned towards the group. It pained him to recall all of this. Having to remember the orcs jeering and laughing at him as they stabbed him with flaming hot swords and gave him his many scars. Having to remember how he barely escaped them with his life. Having to remember the laughter of his two daughters. He then sighed and closed his eyes.

“Now there’s only one.” he said as his voice broke.

Brianna then felt very sorry that she’d asked and looked at everyone else around her who kept to themselves but she noticed something Dorothea did just as Beorn walked towards the fireplace.

Just as Beorn turned away from the girls, Dorothea slowly reached out her right hand to touch his own right hand as he was close enough for her to do so. She was hoping to comfort him in a way he hoped would understand. But no sooner then she touched his hand then he walked towards the fireplace, his fingers slipping away from her own. She then retracted her hand with lightning fast reflexes and sighed before taking a sip of her mug.

“You need to reach the mountain before the last days of autumn.” Beorn said turning to Gillian who was smoking her pipe “Is that not correct?”

“You are correct.” Gillian replied “We must get there before Durin’s Day.”

“Well then you’d better hurry.” Beorn said “You’re running out of time.”

“Exactly.” Gillian responded between puffs “This is why we’re going to pass through Mirkwood.”

“I’d be wary if I were you. The forest is not what it once was.” Beorn said “A darkness lies upon it. Monsters dwell beneath the trees. I would not venture there unless I had no choice.”

“Oh, how wonderful.” Daniela sarcastically whispered to Barbara.

“We’ll take the Elven road.” Gillian said “That path is still safe.”

“Not exactly.” Beorn said “The wood-elves of Mirkwood are not like their kin. They’re less wise and more dangerous and violent.”

Nadja gulped nervously and bit her lip. Mirkwood was sounding less and less amusing every minute. Beorn then looked straight at Traude who had walked across the room and was standing just behind Kamilla and Frieda who were at the edge of the table that was facing the front door.

“But it doesn’t really matter.” he said “You have an even bigger problem on your hands.”

Traude then blinked in surprise and turned to face Beorn.

“What do you mean, if I may ask?” Traude demanded.

“These lands are crawling with orcs.” Beorn responded as he started walking towards her “And you’re on foot. You’ll never reach the forest alive.”

Traude glared at Beorn. Of course there were orcs all over the place. She didn’t need this skin-changer to tell her the obvious. Beorn then stopped right behind Dorothea and briefly looked at her. Dorothea looked at him innocently, waiting for what he’d do next. Beorn then noticed a little white mouse scurrying across the table. He picked it up with his right hand and held it tightly before looking back at Traude and resumed approaching her.

“I don’t like dwarves very much.” he said “They’re greedy. And blind to the lives of those they deem lesser then they’re own.”

He stopped right in front of her and the two aggressively stared at each other for a few moments. The girls waited for something, anything, to happen. Brianna fiddled with a kitchen fork underneath the table. Dorothea prepared to get up and say something in hopes of easing the tension.

“But I hate orcs more.” Beorn finally said as he placed the white mouse gently on the wooden railing.

Everyone sighed with relief and Dorothea put her hand over her chest as she sighed and sat back down. Beorn then looked back to Traude who was smirking.

“What will you need?” Beorn inquired.

“Depends.” Traude replied “What kind of livestock do you have?”


As Beorn prepared to get them their mode of transport, the girls were busy in the front yard making sure their gowns were nice and clean. They’d washed them yesterday afternoon and were now busy under the trees brushing off the hay and grass from inside.

“I hope he doesn’t give us cows.” Bertha said “Cows don’t smell all that nice.”

“Doesn’t matter what he gives us.” Barbara said “As long as it get’s us where we need to go.”

“How many days exactly do we have till Durin’s Day?” Brianna inquired innocently.

“Summer’s probably passed.” Traude said “We must be in autumn by now. And even then I wouldn’t know what day it is.”

Brianna, who was sitting under one of the trees, looked up at the tree and the sky around. There was not a single cloud in the sky. A gentle breeze blew through the air. The leaves cast shadows on Brianna and the girls and the sun gleamed through the leaves.

“At least it’s nice out.” she said “Reminds me of home.”

Home. Brianna missed her home. As exciting as this adventure had been, she knew that she couldn’t wait to get home and sleep on her warm soft bed again and smell the magnolias which grew in her garden. And the stories she’d tell. No one back home would ever believe her.

But then again, maybe keeping her friends in the dark about that was a good thing. They didn’t have to know everything. Especially her ring. That especially she’d keep a secret.

At the tree nearest the hedge wall, Kamilla, Frieda, Ottilie and Nadja were relaxing.

“Hey, where is Dorothea?” Kamilla suddenly asked.

“She’s inside washing her face.” Nadja said.

“Oh yes she must…” Ottilie said as she suddenly started giggling “…must look good for her beau.”

Nadja suddenly found herself giggling too. Kamilla and Frieda were perplexed by this.

“I beg your pardon?” Frieda asked.

“You didn’t notice?” Nadja replied trying to hold back a giggle.

“Notice what?” Kamilla inquired.

“The way she was looking at Beorn.” Ottilie giggled.

“Wait…” Kamilla and Frieda said as it dawned on them.

“Are you saying that Dorothea…?” Kamilla asked.

Nadja and Ottilie nodded and now Frieda and Kamilla were the ones giggling. Kamilla in particular almost gasped but covered her mouth.

“Oh my goodness, she likes him?!” she exclaimed quietly.

“I surely think so!” Nadja said “She couldn’t tear her eyes off him!”

“Now we must keep this quiet!” Ottilie said “Can you imagine how’d she’d react if she found out we knew?”

“She’d probably smack you on the back of head is what.” Frieda said.

“Well, let’s keep the fact that we know her little secret our little secret.” Nadja said “Deal?”

“Deal.” Ottilie, Frieda and Kamilla said in unison.


Dorothea quietly exited the bathroom after drying her face. She then made her out to the back where Beorn had been chopping wood earlier that day. Only problem was he wasn’t there. At least from what she could see. She then heard a pony neigh and she turned to her left to see Beorn herding about twelve black and white ponies and one rather large grey horse.

She nervously bit her lip, with her hands clasping into fists and began walking towards him. She began running over what to say to him in her head but every conclusion she came to was either too forward or would anger him.

It’s okay, Dorothea she thought to herself Don’t overcomplicate things. Just go over and say hello.

“H-Hello again!” she stammered.

“Oh it’s you.” Beorn said after turning to her.

“So…I see you’ve gotten us our ride.” Dorothea asked.

“Huh?” Beorn asked.

Dorothea suddenly felt very nervous and started blushing like a silly person.

“I meant the ponies.” she said awkwardly.

“Alright then.” Beorn said “You should probably be preparing to join your friends.”

“Quite right.” Dorothea said “May I walk with you?”

“I don’t see why not.” Beorn responded.

He then clicked his tongue and the ponies started trotting between the house and the hedge wall with him trailing behind leading the grey horse by the reigns. Dorothea followed and soon was right next to Beorn (there was enough space between the wall and the house for them and the ponies to squeeze through.)

“So…you built this house yourself?” Dorothea piped up.

“Yes I did.” Beorn said “I did have some help from some merchants.”

“It’s pretty big.” Dorothea chuckled shyly “I mean, well, you’re big yourself.”

“I guess I am.” Beorn chuckled.

A rather serious question then popped into Dorothea’s mind. She nervously thought about whether or not it was worth asking. But she mustered up her courage and turned to Beorn.

“I-I didn’t know you had a family.” she said calmly.

Beorn was taken aback by this and stopped for a moment and the horse did to. He looked at Dorothea, who had never once taken her eyes off him.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” he sighed before clicking his tongue and resumed leading the horse to the houses front.

“I’m sorry about your loss.” Dorothea said “I wish I could have met them.”

Finally, the two finally emerged to the front where all the girls were busy saddling up. Dorothea picked the pony closet to Brianna as her steed when Gillian walked up to the two of them.

“I see you two are getting along well.” she said before turning to Beorn “Now then, Beorn, would you mind if we discuss the rest of the plan privately?”

“Of course.” Beorn said.

Gillian curtsied and began walking off. Beorn then looked at Dorothea who was now smiling.

“I hope to see you again soon.” she said “When all this is over of course.”

“We’ll see.” Beorn said.

Dorothea then carefully climbed onto the pony and gripped the reigns tightly. And with that he walked off without saying another word. Dorothea chuckled softly and felt herself blushing. Good heavens, could her face get any redder?

Her thoughts were interrupted by someone clearing their throat right next to her. She quickly turned to her right to see Brianna who was trying to sustain a giggle.

“What?” Dorothea inquired.

“N-Nothing.” Brianna said.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 30
Yay! We're making progress.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way. :)
Brianna was sleeping soundly when she suddenly felt something fuzzy touch her nose. She groggily woke up to see a massive bee on her nose. She carefully and gently wiggled her nose not wanting to aggravate the bee. The bee soon flew away buzzing as it went and Brianna quickly got up and brushed the hay off her dress. She then looked to her side and saw her clothes and pack placed right next to her. She looked behind her and saw all the girls gathered around the kitchen table discussing something she couldn’t hear.

Dorothea then popped up behind Brianna from a pillar, fully dressed with her shawl wrapped around herself. She then tapped Brianna on the shoulder and Brianna gasped when she saw her.

“Oh I’m terribly sorry.” Dorothea said “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s alright.” Brianna chuckled.

“W-Would you mind telling the others I’m outside?” Dorothea asked.

“Sure.” Brianna said.

“Thank you so much.” Dorothea said before she walked off and headed for the door.

Brianna then smiled and then ran towards the kitchen to where the others were and finally caught up on their conversation.

“Let’s just leave before he knows we were here.” Daniela hissed.

“Don’t be a fool.” Barbara said “I want to leave to. But Gillian and Traude have led us this far. Let’s let them decide.”

“Sounds sane to me.” Ophelia said.

“I think we should at least talk to him first.” Gillian said just as she noticed Brianna “Ah there you are Brianna.”

“Well, good morning, Miss Baggins.”  Traude said “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did.” Brianna said “Thank you for asking.”

“Well, it seems like we’re all accounted for.”  Gillian said.

“Oh wait!”  Brianna barked “Dorothea isn’t here.”

Everyone’s eyes suddenly darted to Brianna who gulped nervously. Ottilie and Nadja looked particularly worried. Usually their sister rarely did stuff without them.

“Where is she?” Nadja inquired.

Brianna looked around nervously. Gillian, much to Brianna’s surprise, looked just as concerned as Nadja and Ottilie. Brianna sighed and knew she had to tell the truth.

“She went outside.” she said.


Dorothea carefully walked out of the door and then looked straight ahead of her. Beorn was just ahead of her, chopping wood rather loudly. She could now see from behind that he had shorter hair then she thought and was wearing a ragged, dark jacket and pants. She quietly approached him and every time his axe came down on a new block of wood she shuddered but didn’t stop walking until she was just two feet behind him.

Okay now Dorothea she thought to herself Don’t embarrass yourself. Just go up and say hello.

She then looked at Beorn and took a deep breath.

“H-Hello.” she stammered.

Beorn’s ax slammed onto another block of wood and Dorothea gasped softly.  Strangely he didn’t continue chopping wood but rather looked as if he was staring out at something in the distance.

“I’m terribly sorry to disturb you.” Dorothea said “B-But I just wanted to know who you are. You are Beorn are you not?”

“Yes I am.” Beorn replied in a surprisingly average voice considering his alter ego “But I’m not entirely sure who you are.”

Dorothea suddenly found herself giggling and blushing at the same time. She bit her lip and cleared her throat. So far, so good. She didn’t want to mess this up.

“Well, my name is Dorothea.” she said “Daughter of the dwarf-”

She suddenly slapped her left hand over her mouth as Beorn suddenly slammed his ax so hard that it actually became dented slightly in the tree stump even after the wood he was chopping was cut in half. She suddenly remembered what Gillian had said when they’d arrived. ‘He’s not over-fond of dwarves.’ she’d said. And now, Dorothea looked as white as a sheet.

Damn it! she thought I messed up! I’m doomed!

Beorn turned around to face her, holding his ax with both hands, with a very cross look on his face. And Dorothea looked up at him but then suddenly her fear died away and her hand dropped back to her side while her mouth was still hanging open.

Beorn was not at all like how Dorothea imagined. He had a short, smoothly cut, albeit dirty dark colored beard and short hair of the same color and he had bright blue eyes. He was currently wearing the same dark jacket and pants from last night and the ax he was holding was as long as he was tall.

The same thought from last night rushed back to Dorothea’s mind as her heartbeat accelerated and her cheeks slowly started turning red.

Wow. she thought He’s…he’s handsome. Very much so.

“Why are you here?!” Beorn suddenly demanded.

Dorothea was snapped back into reality and she mustered up what little courage she could and cleared her throat.

“B-B-Before I answer, p-please listen to me.” she stammered “I know you’re not fond of dwarves but I’ve not come to harm you. I just wanted to know who you were.”

Beorn then looked at this dwarf woman. She was actually quite lovely for a dwarf. And didn’t seem to be threatening him.

“Go on.” he asked suddenly intrigued.

“Okay then.” Dorothea said “My friends and I we needed a place to stay. We’re on a journey you see and we needed shelter.”

“You brought others?” Beorn asked.

Dorothea turned her held gaze away from Beorn and looked at the house. She couldn’t tell him how many of them there were in the house and she knew that aggravating a man of Beorn’s size and strength wasn’t the best move.

“Just a few.” Dorothea said as she turned back to him “But I’m not a threat. But you can kill me if you see me as such.”

Beorn thought about this. This dwarf woman seemed to be telling the truth. And she wasn’t carrying any weapons. Just a shawl she had wrapped around her arms.


“What the hell is wrong with her?!” Nadja hissed.

The girls were watching Dorothea and Beorn from the back door and windows of the house while Bertha was watching from the window closet to the door. They’d all rushed over there the moment Brianna had told them Dorothea was outside. Every time his ax went down they all shuddered.

“She’s lost her mind she has!” Gerlinde whispered “What’ll we do?”

“Let’s get her back inside and run for the hills!” Bridget barked quietly.

“No!” Gillian hissed “That would be the worst thing you could possibly do!”

“And why is that?” Traude asked.

“Because the last person who startled him was torn to shreds!” Gillian replied.

Beate gasped and clapped her hands over her mouth. Brianna bit her lip nervously. Even Traude seemed concerned about this.

“We need him to help us pass through Wilderland or else we’ll be hunted down.” Gillian said.

“Oh no!” Bertha gasped “He’s turning towards her!”

To say the girls were frightened out of their minds when Beorn turned around from chopping wood was an understatement. It was even harder as they were trying to stay quiet.

“If he harms one hair on our sister’s head I’ll tear him apart!” Ottilie whispered.

“Agreed!” Daniela said.

“Enough of this!” Gillian hissed “I will handle this myself.”

“How?” Brianna inquired.

“I’ll speak with him myself.” Gillian replied calmly “Now girls step back a bit okay?”

The girls obeyed and stared at Gillian, waiting for what she’d do next. Gillian then looked at Bilbo and motioned for her to come forward.

“Brianna, come with me.” Gillian said as Brianna approached “The rest of you wait until I give the signal but you must come out in pairs.”

“Why?” Beate inquired.

“We don’t want to over-crowd him.” Gillian said before turning to look at Bridget “Actually, Bridget, you technically count as one so you should come alone.”

“Oh sure make fun of the fat one.” Bridget said rolling her eyes.

“Remember, wait for the signal.” Gillian said as she and Brianna walked out the door.

“Yes, ma’am.” Bertha said as she nodded.

“What signal would that be?” Frieda asked suddenly.

Bertha turned and was about to answer when it suddenly clicked in her brain that Gillian hadn’t told them what signal would be and Bertha’s eyes grew as big as dinner plates.

“I…I have no idea.” she finally said.


Gillian and Brianna walked out the door and walked straight towards Beorn and Dorothea, with Dorothea facing Beorn who in turn was looking at her as she was talking. As they got closer they caught wind of their conversation.

“…I’m not a threat. But you can kill me if you see me as such.” Dorothea said.

Upon hearing that Gillian stopped four feet behind Dorothea and Brianna hid herself behind Gillian. Gillian then cleared her throat and Dorothea and Beorn turned to look at her.

“Who is this?!” Beorn demanded.

“Oh I’m so terribly sorry.” Gillian said “Let me introduce myself. My name is Gillian. Gillian the Grey.”

“Never heard of you.” Beorn said.

“I can explain.” Dorothea said turning back to Beorn “She’s a wizard and one of the friends I mentioned.”

“Is this true?” Beorn asked.

“Yes.” Gillian said “It’s strange though you haven’t heard of me. Have you heard of my colleague Ramona the Brown? She dwells just on the borders of Mirkwood and-”

“Who is that one?” Beorn demanded suddenly grasping his ax tighter.

Gillian looked behind her and saw Brianna shaking like a leaf and then she waved nervously at Beorn as she walked out into full view

“Oh this is Brianna Baggins of the Shire.” Gillian said turning to Beorn.

“She’s not another dwarf is she?” Beorn inquired.

“Absolutely not!” Dorothea barked “She is a hobbit! The only thing we share is that we’re…well…shorter than the average person.”

“I see.” Beorn said never once letting go of his ax “A dwarf, a wizard and a half-ling. How did you get here?”

“Oh, well that’s where it get’s complicated.” Gillian said “You see, we’ve narrowly escaped a rather annoying escapade with some goblins in the mountains.”

“Why did you go near goblins?” Beorn asked flabbergasted “Sounds like an incredibly stupid thing to do.”

“Oh yes it is!” Gillian said while doing a strange hand motion.

Suddenly Daniela and Barbara ran out from the house and curtsied as they introduced themselves. Beorn was perplexed to say the least. Gillian sighed and rolled her eyes. Dorothea did the same.

“I forgot to mention that…um…several of our company are, in fact, dwarves.” Gillian said.

“Wait…there’s more?!” Beorn demanded.

“Now hold on a second.” Gillian said making another hand gesture.

And suddenly Nadja and Ottilie ran out and curtsied before looking to their sister. Dorothea began to feel very nervous and looked to Beorn with concern.

“Ottilie and Nadja at your service!” her sisters said as they curtsied again.

“I don’t want your service!” Beorn barked “Wizard, you’re looking less like a group and more like a travelling circus!”

“Excuse me?!” Nadja said flabbergasted “We are not a travelling circus!”

“Are there any more of you in my house?” Beorn demanded.

Gillian sighed and turned towards the house. “Come on girls!” she yelled “You might as well show yourselves!”

There were was a kafuffle from inside and all of the girls rushed outside and then curtsied at the same time. Beorn sighed and placed his ax on the ground so that he could lean on it.

“Is that all?” he sighed tiredly “Are there any more?”

“Yes.” said a voice.

And finally, Traude walked out into full view and leaned against one of the outside beams and looked to Beorn.

“You’re the skin-changer I presume?” she asked.
Dol Guldur was called The Hill of Sorcery for a reason. Both day and night it was shrouded in fog, especially at the end of the bridge which led into the fortress and in the fog it’s crumbling towers stood high above the fog like giant, stone trees. Around the fortress and growing on it’s borders were blackened, leafless trees which swayed and creaked in the cold wind.

The fortress was crawling with orcs and wargs, with orcs yapping and chattering to one another in black speech whilst the wargs howled and snarled waiting for their next meal. Bats also fluttered through cracks and between the giant thorns which grew inside the fortress itself.

Azog walked into the very heart of the fortress and stopped after a few paces. As he stopped the fog ahead of him began to swirl just inches above the ground. The collection fog and mist suddenly began to change color to jet black as it grew larger and larger. It then began to take the shape of a tall figure with a vulture-like posture. Within seconds, half the fog had collected and become this shadow figure. It’s very presence made the air suddenly turn cold and suddenly it opened soulless, red eyes and black pupils.

This was the Necromancer.

“We grow in numbers.” he said in a deep yet raspy voice “We grow in strength. There has been a change in plans.”

“Why have you summoned me?” Azog demanded.

“You will lead my armies.” the Necromancer said.

“What of Oakenshield and the dwarves?” Azog inquired.

The Necromancer didn’t answer but instead swirled it’s shadowy form under Azog and then reappeared behind Azog as the orc turned around.

“Do not question my actions.” the Necromancer.

“You promised me her head!” Azog roared.

“SILENCE!!!” the Necromancer roared so loud that it actually knocked Azog over and he fell to the ground.

The Necromancer moved forward slightly till he was at Azog’s feet. Azog looked up in terror and saw as the Necromancer stared down at him, his blood-red eyes never blinking once.

“You are the flea that thinks itself a giant.” he said “You are tiny. Be patient. Death will come to all.”

And with that the Necromancer vanished into the mist and the fog returned to it’s normal eerie state as a similarly eerie silence fell upon the fortress. Azog got up and looked around. The Necromancer was nowhere to be seen. As he pondered his next move, Narzug and a few other orcs showed up.

“Do we cancel the hunt, master?” he inquired.

Azog then had an idea. Although he couldn’t continue the hunt, he knew someone who could. He then turned around and took a deep breath.

“BOLG!” he roared.

As if on command, Bolg appeared out of the fog, walking like a mindless zombie paying no heed to the orcs he was shoving out of the way. He then stopped in front of Azog and growled.

“I have a task for you.” Azog said “Do you still thirst for dwarf blood?”

“Yes.” Bolg replied with a hiss.

“Go. Hunt Oakenshield down with the rest of the pack.” Azog ordered “Bring me her head. Slay the others.”

“As you wish.” Bolg said with a smirk.


Dorothea was awakened by the most mundane sound she could imagine. Her stomach was growling. She looked around then at her stomach and rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on.” Dorothea moaned.

She then propped herself up and yawned. She then moved the blanket off and got up and shook the hay off her gown as best she could. She then picked up her shawl and wrapped it around herself and she carefully moved around the other girls who were fast asleep. Once she was past the girls she looked around for a kitchen. The moon luckily was bright enough that when it shone through the windows and holes in the roof she could see what was around her.

She looked all around but couldn’t find the kitchen. But then she looked closely to the dining tables right and sure enough there was the kitchen. It amazed her how the owner of this house had managed to cram his kitchen right next to the dining table.

Dorothea was surprised to hear a groan come from her right and she turned to see her sister Nadja squinting tiredly at her.

“Sis?” she moaned “What are you doing up?”

“I was hungry and was looking for the kitchen.” Dorothea replied.

“Isn’t it over there?” Nadja said motioning to where Dorothea had been looking.

Dorothea rolled her eyes. “Yes thank you, Nadja.” she said sarcastically “I couldn’t have found without you.”

“No need to be so sarcastic.” Nadja moaned “You take yourself to seriously all the time anyway. You’re almost as bad as Traude.”

“I do not!” Dorothea hissed.

“Then how come you aint got no husband?” Nadja said.

“Because mom and dad left me in charge of you and Ottilie.” Dorothea said “Don’t be so naive. Besides I could get a husband if I wish too.”

“Yup.” Nadja sighed “And he’s just gonna walk right through the door, eh?”

A bears growl suddenly came from outside. Though it was faint, Dorothea could hear it and she gasped in fright and Nadja’s eyes suddenly opened all the way and she looked to her sister who scrambled to the pillar whilst making sure not to step on anyone. She then crouched down right next to Nadja who slid over to Dorothea’s feet.

“That bear’s back!” Nadja hissed “We’re dead meat.”

“Quiet!” Dorothea whispered “Keep your head down.”

Nadja lay down and shut up like a clam. The door suddenly creaked open and Dorothea peeked from behind the pillar carefully to make sure she wasn’t seen.

A tall figure then entered through the door as moonlight poured into the house. Fortunately, the girls stayed in shadow but Dorothea wasn’t taking any chances. She continued to look at the person, whom she assumed was Beorn. But suddenly she began looking for different reasons.

The moonlight illuminated Beorn’s figure and soon his face could be seen. He was indeed a very tall man almost as tall as his doorway. He had a short beard that looked like he’d trimmed it ever so slightly. He had blue eyes and rather short hair considering his other form was a bear but from what Dorothea could see his hands were rather hairy. As she looked closer she noticed a scar on the right side of his head that seemed to be relatively new because the red of blood could still be seen.

Dorothea’s heart suddenly began beating faster. This man looked…handsome. Not at all how Gillian made him out to be. Dorothea suddenly felt herself blushing and she had to restrain a giggle.

Beorn was busy seemingly looking for something and he seemed to have found it because she soon headed for the door carrying a knapsack. And with that he walked out and shut the door behind him and the room became dark again. Dorothea then sighed a massive sigh of relief and Nadja turned around to see the closed door and looked up at her sister who then looked at her.

“Boy that was a close one.” Nadja said “He almost spotted us.”

“I think he was distracted with other things.” Dorothea said.

“Yeah right.” Nadja said “So…what did he look like? Was he ugly?”

Dorothea bit her lip. She couldn’t tell her sister that she thought he was handsome. She’d never hear the end of it. Especially after Nadja told her she took everything so seriously.

“He was rather ugly.” she lied “Looks exactly how you pictured him.”

“Face like a troll?” Nadja said “Hair all over the place?”

Dorothea felt like scolding her sister. That wasn’t how Beorn looked at all from what she could see of him.

“Not exactly.” she said.

“Good point.” Nadja yawned “No one’s THAT ugly.”

Dorothea chuckled softly. “You should probably get to bed. And so should I.”

“Well, good night, sis.” Nadja said as she got comfortable “Sweet dreams.”

“You too.” Dorothea yawned as she stretched her arms and lay herself back down on the hay covered floor.

Dorothea soon fell fast asleep and didn’t even notice that she was smiling as she fell asleep. Whoever this Beorn was, he had ignited her interest and she needed to know more about him. Even if she had to talk to him directly herself.
The Adventures of Brianna Baggins Chapter 28
The shortest chapter to date. I'll try to write more in the future. 
Yes today is my 18th birthday today and I'm excited as can be! And I would like to thank all my followers and friends on deviantart for being awesome and nice. I'm so sorry that I've barely been on the site but I have a Tumblr now so now I don't have as much time to be here but I hope to put more stuff here soon.

Thank you everyone for supporting me. :)
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I am a born again Christian and film and pony nerd. I'm a now 18 nerd looking to be noticed.

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I sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.
I asked, "why?"
The angel said, "angels don't watch over angels."
Twenty one angels are IN your world.
Ten of them are sleeping, Ten are playing, one is reading this message.
Send this to ten friends including me.
I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes.
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